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  1. Lima food festival
  2. Thinking of Family Trip to South America
  3. Need to Plan Patagonia
  4. Argentinian Resource
  5. Bariloche/Puerto Varas/Chiloe Island - How long for each?
  6. Some peru itinerary and transportation questions.
  7. Gualeguaychu Carnival, Argentina
  8. Chile 1 Month Itinerary help.
  9. Help needed with Peru Itinerary
  10. This week in Guayaquil
  11. holiday to colombia, argentina, peru or chile?
  12. Galapagos terrain?
  13. How to avoid altitude sickness while traveling Peru?
  14. Trip Report Travel Through South America
  15. Please Give Feedback on My Argentina Itinerary
  16. Trip Report Peru! Anyone Been?
  17. Columbia Via Panama
  18. Visiting The Amazon Jungle In Peru.
  19. Chachapoyas, Peru transportation
  20. One Way Not Allowed In Peru?
  21. Whitewater Rafting Near Lima
  22. Entry into Chile with a child
  23. Ecuadorian Rainforest?
  24. Medellin Neighborhoods
  25. Medellin, Colombia
  26. Making the most of Montevideo:-
  27. Have 4-5 weeks off to travel all of a sudden, trouble narrowing down where to go
  28. Chile with kids - help with itinerary, please!
  29. Trip Report Day Trip from Puerto Ayora
  30. Easter Island on LAN via Lima - where to exchange $$ to Pesos?
  31. Cheapest Ticket Leainvg the Colombia (to Anywhere)
  32. Bolivia feb 2022
  33. Random Q- Peru, Costa Rica or Azores Islands
  34. Flying from Cusco to Lima
  35. 3 months in Buenos Aires
  36. Strike on 4/18,19 in Cusco and Macchu Picchu
  37. Is Pisac Market open on Easter Sunday April 17th?
  38. Itinerary help 20 days Colombia
  39. Salta-Purmamarca-Salinas Grande-Salta
  40. A safe area to spend one night in Bogota
  41. 10-week South America trip - need itinerary help
  42. Peru with teen. Please advise on our itinerary
  43. Polo anyone?
  44. Travel within Argentina
  45. South America - Brazil and Argentina
  46. Itinerary Help Needed
  47. Student trip to Cusco/Lima
  48. 10 days in Brazil with teens
  49. Help to choose: Brazil, Colombia or Costa Rica
  50. Overnite in Sao Paulo
  51. Thoughts on my 2-week itinerary plan for Argentina?
  52. Buenos Aires 2022
  53. Trip Report Colombia Trip 2020
  54. Flying to Buenos Aires February
  55. Machu Pichu in February--should I go?
  56. Peru trip
  57. PCR test in Santiago
  58. Santa Cruz or San Cristobal
  59. Trip Report Family trip report Peru: Inca trail, Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Lake Titicaca and Lima
  60. A Good Route to Juiz De Fora.
  61. Colombia - Covid Injection
  62. South America Trip 2021
  63. Argentina Itinerary help
  64. Machu Picchu oxygen
  65. Travel Company
  66. Peru Exclusive
  67. American tire sizes common in the Americas?
  68. Itinerary check for Peru (family trip)
  69. Medellin: Covid; When to Go; Where to Stay
  70. Santiago Chile
  71. Important- Ecuador visa for Indian passport holders
  72. jeterray
  73. Recommendations for Staying in Atacama
  74. Travel to Chile
  75. Car rental in Santiago
  76. Backpacking in Colombia December 2020
  77. Adult family trip to South America
  78. 4 weeks in Brazil. Solo. How does my itinerary look?
  79. Salvador - Brazil, where to have your covid-19 blood test
  80. Ecuador october 2020, travel and covid information
  81. Ecuador possible trip
  82. Rio Negro from Manaus
  83. Bus travel Ecuador
  84. Corona-virus update : Rio's Christ Redeemer & Corcovado re-open August 15th
  85. 3 months Santiago to Quito
  86. Trip Report Trip Notes: Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia
  87. Peurto natales to Santiago Chile
  88. Colombia Too
  89. Peru Suspending Flights from Europe/Asia
  90. Ecuador Closing Borders
  91. 7 weeks of driving
  92. Are there any digital nomads working in Valparaiso, Chile?
  93. Peru itinerary help plz (last min trip after china flight cancelled)
  94. Corona Virus in South America fears
  95. Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash
  96. Columbia with kids
  97. Please help me plan after arrival in B.A.!
  98. Rio or Buenos Aries for Xmas
  99. Prívate guide for Santiago city tour and transfer
  100. Lima Layover Tour Guide/Driver
  101. From Puerto Madryn to Gaiman. How?
  102. Buenos Aires & Iguazu Falls
  103. Minimum age to hike Huayna Picchu and hiking times
  104. save a life, donate your mosquito net when you leave
  105. Cruise from Valparaiso VISA Requirement
  106. Moonstone trek or Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  107. Amazon adventure advice
  108. Recommendation for travel agent in Chile/Argentina
  109. Safety concerns in Lima?
  110. Aukas food products
  111. Patagonia to Santiago to Easter island...what not to miss?
  112. Traveling south through Argentina
  113. How to get from Guayaquil to Hacienda La Danesa Lodge
  114. where to go in southeast Brazil
  115. Cartagena + Tayrona National Park rec. please
  116. Igauzu Falls
  117. British tourist murdered in Buenos Aires in robbery
  118. Peru, Buenos Aires or Elsewhere for a relaxing trip?
  119. paracas/ica/lima/peru
  120. Galapagos DIY 8 Day Trip
  121. Patagonia Tours with Patagonia Adventures
  122. Santiago Day tour - Operators
  123. Visiting MP the afternoon of Dec. 10, 2019
  124. Easter Island -Help -What are the actual open and closing times for sites?
  125. Atacama Star Tours
  126. Advice on Lake Titicaca and Atacarma San Pedro please
  127. Trekking/tour companies for Patagonia
  128. Political situation in Chile, safe to go in March?
  129. Help with itinerary and trekking
  130. Driving from Rio to Sao Paulo - recommendations
  131. Chile - To Go Or Not To Go
  132. Colombia 10 day travel itinerary, advice :)
  133. Where to stop between Guayaquil and Quito to acclimate to altitude
  134. Question on Quilotoa Loop and Chugchilán
  135. Easter Island and Atacama Desert in two weeks - early planning questions
  136. Peru trip - tentative itinerary.
  137. how far ahead to check into Buenos Aires airport?
  138. RIP South America Forum?
  139. Medellin
  140. Brazil beach recommendations
  141. snorkeling in Buzios or Porto Belo, Brazil
  142. 14 Day Patagonia Itinerary Help...does it make sense?
  143. Suggestions for 5 days in and around Lima?
  144. what to do in Buenos Aires during Shrove (Fat) Tues.
  145. Patagonia - booking refugio's help
  146. Iguazu Falls
  147. 18 th
  148. Ecuador or Guatemala?
  149. Shopping in Lima/San Miguel/ magdalena Del Mar , Peru
  150. overwhelmed with the choices
  151. In a cruise we will stop in peru and we want to visit machu picchu
  152. Machu Picchu
  153. Cusco Experiences
  154. Patagonia or Peru in November?
  155. Recommendations on good hotels in Buenos Aires by the port.
  156. Logistics From Punta Arenas to El Calafate
  157. Central Chile Itinerary over the Holidays
  158. Trip Report Travels in Colombia - Guatape and El Penon
  159. Trip Report Travels in Colombia - Cartagena
  160. Monthly rentals in Punta Del Este, Uruguay
  161. Galapagos
  162. Cartagena Columbia- Feb. with kids
  163. looking for El Chalten guide
  164. Itinerary Help - Brazil or Chile
  165. Magdalena Del Mar
  166. Trip Report trip report--July 2019 in the Pantanal of Brazil!
  167. Trip Report Trip report-Chile
  168. Last minute HELP-Machu Picchu
  169. Itinerary Peru 9 nights
  170. Suggestions for 3 week Chile itinerary
  171. Seeking Itinerary Review of Peru Trip
  172. Safety in Colombia?
  173. Santiago or Buenos Aires
  174. Trip Report Trip report- road trip - Cafetero, Coveñas, Mompos, Santander
  175. Cusco-Puerto Maldonado bus - should we book ahead?
  176. Holland America Cruiseline to South America
  177. Patagonia-W Trek Tour Company Recommendations
  178. Thinking about Peru.. where to start?
  179. Lima-Huacacina with a rental
  180. Cartagena v Santa Marta - nightlife in the plazas
  181. Salkantay trek with kids?
  182. Colombia trip - quick check re distribution of days
  183. Pacaya Samiria tour or Puerto Maldonando?
  184. Medanos wine area south of Buenos Aires?
  185. 18 Days Peru trip ideas
  186. Family of 5 with one college students and two graduates
  187. Driving from Balmaceda to Puerto Aysen
  188. Living in Merlo, San Luis
  189. Machu Picchu seasons
  190. Winter in Argentina with a 4 year old
  191. Air sickness at Cusco and Machu Picchu?
  192. 1pm or 2pm Machu Picchu ticket
  193. patagonia and Iguazu
  194. Need ground transportation in Ecuador
  195. Itinerary
  196. Flight BA to USH and back plus BA Hotels
  197. Brasil and around with kids in December for 2.5 weeks
  198. Puno to Arequipa
  199. Medical
  200. Tambopata Reserve Peru
  201. PeruHop or Fly, & other questions, Independence Day
  202. flights within South America- assistance please
  203. Best family-friendly destinations/lodging?
  204. Barranco or Miraflores
  205. Trip Report Yes, I got the “frikkin horse” and I may have eaten a little dirt
  206. Trip Report Killer Rabbits, Scotch on the Rocks and Garganta del Diablo: Chile & Argentina
  207. Laguna San Rafael
  208. Peru- Amazon Cruise and Immunizations
  209. Puerto Varas-Self drive or hire a driver?
  210. Trip Report Argentina March 2019
  211. Air Travel Peru
  212. Quito/Galapagos Islands
  213. ITINERARY CHECK! It's a short one;)
  214. What is your favorite hotel in the Sacred Valley and why?
  215. Peru/Sacred Valley/MP
  216. Explore Peru
  217. Tours of La Moneda in Santiago - Scheduling
  218. Cultural Events in Bolivia
  219. Hotels with lifts/elevators in Valparaiso
  220. Looking for an Excellent Guide to Take Us from Valpo to Santiago
  221. Recommendations needed for Bariloche
  222. Bariloche Car Rental
  223. Lost City trek
  224. Machu Picchu itinerary- impulse buy
  225. Quito and all of Ecuador
  226. Itinerary Feedback Requested: 3 Weeks Chile and Argentina
  227. Bogota to Santa Rosa, Argentina in 2 months
  228. Electronics Peru
  229. Argentine Currency-Again
  230. 55 Minute Layover possible at AEP?
  231. Itinerary help for one week in Argentina
  232. Feedback Request: Machu Picchu Itinerary
  233. Choosing hotels in Rio, Brazil.
  234. 9-10 day Colombia multi-generational trip
  235. assistance with South America flights
  236. Medellin or Bogota March for 3 nights
  237. Santiago Airport to Valparaíso
  238. June Trip Review
  239. South America Cruise
  240. Patagonia
  241. # Best 3 weeks in May
  242. Please help me fill in my Peru itinerary
  243. Chile for non-outdoorsy/adventure seekers?
  244. Patagonia Itinerary
  245. Chile- which 2 regions over 8 nights?
  246. Driving/Road question Villa Rica
  247. Ausangate Trek March or June
  248. Cartagena, Colombia
  249. Trip Report Downwinding through Northeast Brazil
  250. Thoughts on Rancagua and Pomaire?