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  1. Luggage Tags
  2. Trekking Poles
  3. Beach Umbrella Injuries - be careful out there
  4. USA senior citizens with questions about emergency medical coverage!
  5. Travel insurance tips?
  6. Passport Renewal FYI
  7. Exotic place with low heat/humidity
  8. Safest / Best travel for solo woman
  9. Ladies, carry on limit of 100ml?
  10. Vacation change due to surgery
  11. New US policy for covid testing
  12. Credit Card and Cash Tips for Travellers to Europe
  13. Traveling with a puppy
  14. Has anyone (successfully or not) used cancel for any reason insurance?
  15. The Travel Book: a journey through every country
  16. Recommendations for traveling with a kid
  17. April '22 Travel Thread
  18. Merino wool clothing
  19. Travel Insurance for "Do Not Travel" Countries?
  20. CloseCircle App
  21. Annual (multitrip) Travel Insurance That Includes Covid Coverage
  22. Tourists are choosing destinations for having more covid restrictions?
  23. The most beautiful countries in the world ... quantified
  24. Sites to Find Travel Deals?
  25. What's next on your travel bucket list?
  26. Is my hotel reservation confirmed?
  27. Know anyone who has tested COVID positive and cannot return to the US?
  28. From Portugal to Singapore by train
  29. TSA Pre-Check renewal - less than 24 hours
  30. Back to Checking Bags and Back to "Which Luggage?" Decisions
  31. Travel Insurance that covers Covid
  32. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  33. Best USA Rental Car Comparison Website These Days?
  34. International COVID vaccine certificates
  35. A hundred years ago in the Forum
  36. Lonely Planet Thorn Tree announcement: the end
  37. Trips mandating Covid vaccine
  38. Favorite Credit card
  39. Carry-on/Hard suitcase accessory for Cobblestone/Stairs Backpack Conversion System
  40. Finding the best travel package help!!
  41. Yikes that snuck up on me quickly - passport expiring in 2022
  42. Trips you've always wanted to take, but probably never will
  43. Going back
  44. Places you visited but wished you hadn't.
  45. Cities you've visited that were unexpectedly great
  46. Places you could have EASILY visited but did not
  47. Changes in packing routines. Flying with sheets and more.
  48. Sending money internationally
  49. Does anyone have experience with getting an urgent US passport?
  50. Tell me about slow travel
  51. Keep checking your car rental options!
  52. where to go?
  53. Expensive luggage worth it?
  54. Rental Car Q
  55. Didn't Book a Covid-Free Flight - Will I have to quarantine in Rome?
  56. Travel advice and suggestions You Never Used/Have Yet to Use
  57. Luggage styles, sizes, brands
  58. Credit card for ticket & hotels?
  59. Need Destination Ideas - Solo Travel on a Budget
  60. Honeymoon - not for the beach lovers
  61. Youth Hostels--your stories from yesteryear
  62. Travel To Madrid At Low Cost
  63. Visiting Madrid For The First Time
  64. Meet the locals tour company
  65. CDC says fully vaccinated people may travel
  66. How much time do you usually spend in a country before moving on?
  67. Edible and Wild
  68. Covid-19 Testing Locations near you
  69. Honeymoon private beach destination without crowd under budget
  70. Number of countries
  71. Traveling Nonstop vs Chunks at a Time - Pros & Cons
  72. Just a little something, if you're missing travelling these holidays!
  73. Vaccine passport apps for international travel
  74. Where will be your Christmas celebration this year?
  75. Your first vaccinated trip
  76. Sold Timeshare?
  77. Not related to any country
  78. Curious about retirement
  79. Destination suggestions wanted
  80. Southwest Vacation Trip Protection + Covid?
  81. The Travel and Safety Partnership How to Travel Safe in 2020
  82. We were talking about how everyone was sick in the last months of 2019 and early 2020
  83. 40 coolest neighbo(u)rhoods in the world
  84. Your Travel itinerary for 2021 - something to look forward to
  85. Travelers: where do you keep your list of medications ?
  86. Any lost Fodorites here?? Lost password = new names? + Travel Tip
  87. Avoid Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) like the Plague
  88. Where can we go - Covid19?
  89. Dive Watch & Dive Spots Recommendations?
  90. Travel Insurance Claim Refused
  91. Ill miss hotel breakfasts
  92. Interactive World Map with Covid regulations.
  93. Forgettable travel moments youll always remember
  94. Places and things you have enjoyed that...
  95. Is there a way you can add places to visit (like towns or parks)?
  96. Prepaid card for a teen
  97. Our first RTW - 2005
  98. stilt house in paradise
  99. Help with New Luggage Please!
  100. Travelocity Airline Refund
  101. Vacation versus Travel?
  102. Automated Booking?
  103. Ways to help hotels/restaurants survive this
  104. Welcome Lonely Planet forums members!
  105. Help ! Need advice during my trips to stay cool ;)
  106. Why do few Americans travel abroad compared to other nationalities?
  107. How are your REFUNDS coming?
  108. What are your tips for avoiding cabin fever?
  109. Why does Fodor's have a "COVID-19 Travel Advisory"
  110. Has the coronavirus personally affected you or your friends/family?
  111. vrbo/airbnb refunds
  112. What are your favorite staycation ideas as you self-isolate?
  113. What are you watching while you practice social distancing?
  114. What are you reading while you practice social distancing?
  115. How are you holding up during the quarantine?
  116. Were you stranded abroad?
  117. How many have received one of those extortion emails?
  118. Google Maps Street View - the world at your mouse
  119. POLL: Should people be traveling while coronavorus is spreading?
  120. POLL: Have you taken advantage of any coronavirus-related travel deals?
  121. POLL: Have you changed travel plans due to coronavirus?
  122. A different twist - Importing Corona virus?
  123. Single mom and teen
  124. "Overtourism" - your thoughts?
  125. Wanderlust: Your Most Memorable Travel Moments?
  126. January and February day high temperatures of 26 deg cel.
  127. What's the most unexpected and charming thing you've ever found in your hotel room?
  128. Travel Insurance
  129. From the Fodor's editors: What's the grossest thing you have ever found in a hotel?
  130. packing cubes
  131. How do you organize your research and planning?
  132. Where to Go?
  133. Best way to get local currency for foreign trip
  134. Is Coronavirus affecting your travel plans?
  135. Celebrating 50 Years - Our Trip Around the World
  136. Favorite travel memory...
  137. Do you vacation/ travel around a "theme"?
  138. Problems with global entry processing
  139. VRBO help?!?
  140. Best all inclusive resorts for single in late 40s
  141. Two Friend With Same Passport Faux Pas
  142. Arizona or Greece for summer family vacation
  143. Beware of getaroom.com
  144. Luxury Travel Planners
  145. Advantage Rent a Car Honolulu... Beware!
  146. Dutch National Arrving US, driving to Canada, back to US-any issues?
  147. 18/F Traveling across country to visit boyfriend. (Need advice from older people)
  148. UK to Havana via Miami
  149. Moving from Vermont to Florida
  150. What would make you participate in Fodor's forums more fully?
  151. Accident prone travel - Is it just me?
  152. Medical Tourism
  153. Searching for paradise
  154. Destination for 4 days from DC in November
  155. Political considerations when traveling
  156. Travel Planner
  157. Theft prevention in Spain
  158. Low budget travel tips
  159. Hotel preference? "Just a place to sleep" or "like to stay in a nice place"?
  160. Planning for trips - is it a chore or a joy?
  161. Vacation versus Travel
  162. The Changing Face of Travel
  163. Destination Fee BS
  164. "What's the nicest thing a stranger has done for you while traveling?"
  165. Have you ever eaten at a domestic chain while abroad?
  166. Travelling with an RV in Oregon and Seattle with kids
  167. Snorkel, Beach & Adventure Destinations (~ 14 days)
  168. 60 year old woman solo travel
  169. Roll or fold or packing cubes/bags?
  170. Should you wear flip-flips in your hotel shower? Why or why not?
  171. Where should I travel to next??
  172. Tropical Getaway Suggestions Needed
  173. Getting sick while traveling? Tips, recommendations
  174. Luggage
  175. Old European Coins
  176. Panama, Kauai, San Miguel Allende?
  177. Has anyone used TourRadar?
  178. Do you get international medical insurance when you travel?
  179. How to report a hotel who refuse to call an ambulance in Paris
  180. With, or Without, Breakfast?
  181. Senior Travel Using AA miles
  182. Suggestions for a travel journal app to journal our trip
  183. Tipping tour guide
  184. A Comparison of Major Travel WEBSITES
  185. Is this the last straw? Will you still consider taking a cruise to Venice?
  186. Tips how to save some money
  187. communicating from remote ship--need help please
  188. Do You Budget Your Meals in Advance?
  189. What's the Most Adventurous Thing You've Eaten While Traveling?
  190. Would u rather go to Portugal or Yosemite & Yellowstone?
  191. What sort of bad behaviors do you believe should get passengers kicked off a plane?
  192. You're Pronouncing These Wrong
  193. Sharing Hotel Room with Friends' Children
  194. Fodor's editors want to hear from you: QUESTION
  195. Where should I go for THREE WEEKS in May?!
  196. How long do you spend researching hotels?
  197. 2 weeks in September. Mid 30's couple from Canada. Suggestions?
  198. How do you select a luxury hotel to stay at?
  199. How should we plan our 2 year travel?
  200. Power Adaptor Needed in Ireland, Great Britain?
  201. First time traveler, short travel date, lots of questions
  202. Favourite paper travel guides? Lonely Planet? Fodor's?
  203. Passport renewal question
  204. Idaho or Nova Scotia? Help planning active 65th birthday trip
  205. North America best destinations
  206. Bathrooms in Canada--translation requested
  207. What kind of thing will you take with you on a trip?
  208. The Fodor article on travel booking sites..
  209. Need a recommendation for packaging
  210. Where should we go?
  211. recommendation on house swap websites?
  212. Booking.com/Expepia.Com questions
  213. one week before cruise
  214. 1st trip to europe from the US, item list needed
  215. Traveling with Type 2 Diabetes
  216. jet lag......all nite travel.....
  217. Help required re VWP for UK citizen
  218. Finding another couple to split private day trip costs?
  219. Summer family trip....your Choice ?
  220. 10 years anniversary idea, 10 days, 10k budget, May 2018
  221. Ban photos in museums
  222. Travelling while pregnant?
  223. Need destination ideas - Zika free beach for Feb!
  224. Dec 26 - Jan 6 Where to Go?
  225. 3 weeks Sept / Oct: Where would you go?
  226. Solo or Independent Travel
  227. Autism Summer Camp
  228. spouse no longer able to travel
  229. Hi Everyone
  230. Sending Payment Abroad-Travelwise?
  231. handbag or mini backpack for British tour
  232. July Honeymoon
  233. Disappointed in Travel Guard !!!!! Better Choice?
  234. Senior Solo traveler with stamina issues
  235. Planning to propose to my girlfriend. Help.
  236. Wanted to earn money while traveling...
  237. 2 months travel from California
  238. Single Travel over 50 Tour company
  239. Best travel groups for 19-year-old female on gap year?
  240. Our anniversary is coming. I need ideas!
  241. Best Tour Groups for 30-50 year olds?
  242. Groupon Deals
  243. More Ideas About Leather Duffel Bag
  244. Flying to Singapore in November
  245. Tips for packing light for long term travel
  246. To tour or not to tour
  247. foreign exchange conversions
  248. The best travel SIM card?
  249. Online Trip Planning Tools
  250. Enterprise Rent a Car Lexington, KY