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Banned Books Become a Monument to Free Thought in Parthenon Installation

All of your favorite books in—and of—one building.

Newest UNESCO World Heritage Site Being Dragged to Hell by Tree Roots

The “temple in the richness of the forest” in Cambodia survives amidst a tropical rainforest that both reinforces and dismantles the structure.

Milan 44 Invigorates Mexico City Neighborhood With Gourmet, Crafty Micro-Mall

Get a haircut, take a yoga class, and sip spirits above the street.

This Weird & Wonderful World

Is This the Most Photogenic Hotel in the World?

The Oberoi Udaivilas Resort is a masterpiece of dizzying architecture, luxurious amenities, and beautiful accents at every turn.

I Chased Actual Giants Through the Streets of Montreal

When I heard there’d be gigantic marionette robots walking through Montreal for its 375th birthday party, I was like, great, sounds like what I was born to do. I had no idea of the emotional roller coaster ride I was in for.

Sneak a Peek Inside the World's 10 Best New Museums

From a replica Louvre in the Middle East to the first museum devoted to American writers and another devoted to Dr. Seuss, make plans to visit these museum debuts.


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