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5 Top Reasons Couples Break Up on Vacation

Search for hotel features that will mitigate travel turn-offs.

Traveling together is a huge milestone in many relationships. It’s a great way to experience something new, strengthen the bond, and get closer to each other. It’s a sentiment shared by 81% of Americans when asked about traveling with their romantic partner. Unfortunately, traveling with a partner isn’t ideal for every couple. A survey by found that one-third of American couples (33%) broke up during their vacations because of a partner’s travel habits. Another 88% of survey participants shared that their partner’s travel behavior makes them want to take fewer trips together. From early check-ins to unlimited poolside drinks, who knew that hotel amenities could be relationship savers?

Turn-off: Forbidding the Mini-Bar

It’s no secret that minibars items are overinflated. A $8 bag of M&Ms should not be a thing. One hotel in D.C. charges a daily gratuity of 22% for restocking the minibar plus a 10% sales tax for each item consumed. The bill at checkout can leave you with real sticker shock. But a common travel habit among traveling lovers is a partner that doesn’t let them get items from the mini bar because it’s too expensive.

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Hotel Suggestion

The best option for couples who tussle about eating and drinking from the mini-bar, staying at an all-inclusive resort would be the best vacation. On the Pacific coast of Mexico is Vellas Vallarta. There’s nightly entertainment, award-winning dining, and breathtaking views. Each suite has a mini-bar of Mexican snacks, water, beers, and juices. Best of all, it is replenished daily or at your request, any time of day or night. Speaking of dining, more than 40% of the polled travelers favor the breakfast buffet. Vellas Vallarta also has an oceanfront breakfast buffet with traditional cuisines and world-class service.

Turn-off: Making Mess

Sharing a room can be difficult, particularly for longer trips or when in smaller spaces. A partner that keeps the room a mess can damper things. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone’s things strewn about that you have to step over or rearrange every time you need to use communal space. It’s also no surprise that with habits like this, 24% of people are embarrassed by their partner and admit that it can spoil the trip.

Hotel Suggestion

If your partner is messy, you’ll want a hotel that offers daily housekeeping. Consider the Sheraton Phoenix. Another hotel that keeps you organized is the Four Seasons Nashville. They can provide everything for a neat stay, from bedside cord organizers to laundry bags. And plenty of closet space!

Turn-off: BYOBedding

With the rising cost of airline baggage fees, packing light can add extra room to the budget for more fun on vacation. But for many traveling couples, it’s annoying that their partner has to bring a piece of home by tugging along their pillows or bedding.

Hotel Suggestion

There’s no need for your partner’s favorite pillow to leave home with the growing number of hotels that offer pillow menus. At The Royal Sonesta Benjamin in New York, there are over ten types of pillows to choose from. Satin pillows help to protect the skin and hair while sleeping. Anti-snore pillows help everyone get a good night’s sleep. Water-filled pillows are said to alleviate headaches and neck pain. A survey also revealed a pillow menu or sleep-friendly amenities was important for 44% of those who struggle to sleep in a new place.

Turn-off: Immediate Unpacking

Although we don’t like traveling with messy partners, a partner that unpacks immediately is a jarring habit for many.

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Hotel Suggestion

Nothing says luxury like having butler service during your vacations. Whether you want to unpack immediately or need help packing once it’s time to depart, The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort in Miami can get you squared away.

Turn-off: Emotional Labor

When you leave the room, it’s cool to do the “phone, keys, wallet” check. But being the forcibly responsible one can be a cumbersome task. Travelers revealed that a partner who always forgets the room keys or presumes they are keeping up with it can be aggravating to deal with during vacations.

Hotel Suggestion

Lean into tech-savvy rooms that have features like mobile keys. Digital keys can be found at many Hilton properties, controlled by the use of the app. At Virgin Hotel New Orleans, say goodbye to forgetfulness with Lucy, the digital personal assistant. She can unlock the room, control the temperature, order room service, give local suggestions, and even check into your room. All from your phone. That means each guest can access the room or its features as needed without burdening each other.

However and with whomever you choose to travel with, you should get the most from your hotel experience and its featured amenities. As a pro tip, if you’ve traveled with your partner previously and have a travel turn-off,  search for hotel features that will mitigate those habits. Build your itinerary around the features of that hotel and the city it’s in to make sure your trips are memorable for the right reasons! No more vacation break-ups!