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For over 80 years, Fodor’s Travel has been a trusted resource offering expert travel advice for every stage of a traveler’s trip.
With over 700 local writers and vacation experts offering the definitive, insider guide on what to do and see in over 8,000 worldwide destinations, we dive even deeper with recommendations on food & drink, luxury & budget, arts & culture, hotels & lodging, cruises & transport, and every tip, trick, hack, and deal you could ever dream up.
And we deliver our expertise in every format that travelers need, from print guidebooks and eBooks to Fodors.com and across our social media platforms. Our digital presence is so trusted and beloved that in 2019, Fodors.com won the Webby’s People’s Voice Award for Websites – Travel. Whether you prefer paperback or webpage, our products make it possible for every trip to one for the books.

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Years of Travel Expertise


Local Writers


Years of Travel Expertise


Worldwide Destinations


Booklist Best Travel Guide of 2019

2019 Webby’s People’s Voice Award, Websites – Travel

Lowell Thomas Award 2023 Gold – Best Editorial Travel Website


Our Editorial Philosophy


Fodor’s is proud of the travel information we have been providing to readers for more than 80 years via our guidebooks and website.

We strive to consistently provide up-to-date, accurate and engaging information that meets the high standards our discerning readers expect. To make certain that we meet these standards, Fodor’s has a rigorous process for developing our guidebooks and online material that ensures our products are trustworthy.

Whenever possible, Fodor’s hires local, expert writers living in the destination they’re writing about. This means that our writers already have a wealth of knowledge on their destinations long before they begin researching and writing. Fodor’s does not rely on one writer to cover an entire region or country; instead, we strive to hire multiple writers with a diversity of backgrounds and interests for most destinations as an efficient way to cover a large range of areas.

Our writers regularly visit the hotels, sites, and restaurants mentioned in our books. We take a number of steps and precautions to ensure that our reviews are accurate and up-to-date. Writers are expected to visit and inspect all new establishments and those which have undergone major renovations.

We actively solicit reader feedback to ensure the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of our reviews. Fodor’s writers receive reader feedback about the destination under review before they begin their assignment to prioritize their site inspection schedule. We regularly update and correct our content based on Fodor’s traveler feedback.

Fodor’s pays its editorial contributors for their work. While Fodor’s allows its writers to accept discounts or complimentary lodging and meals, we provide rigorous ethical guidelines regarding visits which require that they notify restaurants and hotels that providing complimentary meals or lodging will not influence whether the property is recommended. Writers may not use an assignment for Fodor’s to ask for complimentary meals, tours, transportation, lodging, or other services. It’s OK, even encouraged, for writers to exhibit a strong opinion, even a bit of cynicism, or a hint of shade–even when being positive. We expect writers to be discerning even when writing something glowing. It’s only in doing so that the positive can truly feel authentic rather than a publicist-scribed puff piece. We believe this approach provides a tangible benefit for our readers.

Ultimately, every travel publisher must trust the integrity of its editorial team. Our writers are hard-working, dedicated travelers and writers; our editors, photographers, designers, and publishers work meticulously to ensure recommendations and information meet precise standards. Our commitment is to continue to provide our readers with the most reliable travel information available.





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