Doug Stallings

Doug Stallings

Print Editorial Director

Douglas has spent most of his career in travel publishing, and a large portion of that at Fodor's. He can't imagine a better job, having always yearned to see the world and to share his enthusiasm for travel with others.


  • Why do you travel?

    I travel to experience new places, but I also enjoy revisiting favorite places as much as seeing new ones.

  • What’s one thing you never travel without?

    I always have a $100 bill and a smartphone.

  • City or country?

    I'm a city person who can also appreciate the country.

  • Do you like traveling solo?

    I do because I find it more immersive, but I rarely do any longer.

  • Carry-on or checked?

    Carry-on when I can, but checked when I have to.

  • What is your favorite time of year to travel?

    April or October, depending on when I'm going.

  • What’s on your travel bucket list?

    Currently Israel, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Switzerland, but I vow to knock one of those off my list by the end of 2019.

  • Where’s your favorite beach in the world?

    Bolod Beach in Bohol, Philippines

  • If you had limitless funds, what would be your dream destination?

    A trip around the world by private jet, stopping only in places I had never been.

  • • What items do you always try to bring back as souvenirs?

    I've made a vow that I will only buy things I will actually use. So I sometimes get food, sometimes an unusual kitchen utensil, sometimes a piece of art I can hang on a wall because I have no more table space.

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