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10 Quirky Photos of Japan’s Insane Cosplay Festival

Halloween eat your heart out! The crazy costumes at Osaka’s Nippombashi Street Festa—Osaka’s biggest cosplay event—are seriously out of this world.

This Odd Turkish Dessert Is Made With Chicken—And It’s Kind of Delicious?

The idea of eating meat as a sweet sounds pretty weird, but trust the locals—you’ve got to try this.

Take a Soak in the World’s 12 Best Hot Springs

Better than any hot tub, the world’s best hot springs will soothe your mind and spirit amidst spectacular views.

8 Ways to Discover India’s Amazing Modern Architecture

10 Ways to Cure Your Fear of Flying

This Weird & Wonderful World

There’s a Magical Forest in India Filled With Peacocks

In the foothills of the Himalayas lies the Siswan Forest Range, 7,000 acres of protected forest unlike anywhere else in the world--full of fantastical creatures and mind-altering plants.

Incredible Sculpture Garden in India Has Taken 50 Years to Build (and It’s Still Not Finished)

Over years, the small mosaic garden has grown to over 40 acres—and it’s still growing.

11 Bars That Used To Be Other Things

Drink in a little history at these bars around the world.


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