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Concrete jungle, where dreams are made of—including the dream that led me to writing this article.

11 Incredible Animals You’ll Only Find in India

From the royal tiger to freshwater dolphins, these rare species aren’t found anywhere else in the world!

11 of Easter Island’s Strangest Sights

Scratch your head over Easter Island’s oddest wonders.

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Although the idea of living and traveling in a van is nothing new, the lifestyle gained a boost in popularity this year as many people looked for travel options that are safe (hello social-distancing) and actually allowed ( bans).

The 15 Most-Scenic Bike Trails in America

Your Peloton’s got nothing on these bike trails across the country that feature majestic mountains, tropical beaches, fall foliage, and most importantly, freedom from the four walls you’ve been staring at for months.

I Found an Unlikely Refuge in Ibadan, Nigeria

A Black woman and her family find refuge from the coronavirus and threat of everyday racism in Nigeria.


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