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15 Things NOT to Do in New York City

Anyone can survive in NYC. But to succeed in all things do and see in NYC—and of course, what NOT to do, follow these master tips.

An Airline Publicly Humiliated a Women Over Her Choice of Clothing

Looks like the meanest chaperone at your middle school dance has a new gig!

Planning an Alaskan Excursion? Read and Watch These Books and Movies First

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Can You Even Handle These Gigantic Hand Statues of the World

If Turbulence Is Bad Enough, Can You Sue?

This Weird & Wonderful World

12 Tips to Help You Bargain Like a Pro

When you’re shopping while traveling, bargaining is half the fun.

Why Wearing Lotion to The Airport Can Ruin Your Trip

Who knew moisturizing your skin could cause so much trouble?

The Most Delicious Sodas From Around the World

(Over)indulging in some of the classic local dishes and delicacies is surely one of the best things about visiting a new place.

Flowers, Water-Pistols, and Full Moons: Thailand’s 10 Best Festivals

From the awe-inspiring to the plain bizarre, there’s a festival for everyone in Thailand.


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