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It’s taken two rediscoveries of Guachimontones for visitors to realize how much these pyramids are worth the trek.

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While the Kentucky Derby lasts only two minutes, The Derby Festival is two weeks of gaudy hats and mint juleps.

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10 Small Travel Hacks for 10 Big Travel Pains

Some travel problems, like extreme weather, overbooked flights, or coughing or snoring co-passengers we can’t do much but whine about, but thankfully, there are some travel nuisances we can avoid.

10 Places Being Ruined By Instagram

Here are 10 of the tourist spots many say are being utterly consumed by hungry instagrammers.

This Exploding Snowman Is Supposed to Predict the Weather

In order to predict the summer weather, the ever-practical Swiss turn not to the meteorologists of the world—but to the obliteration of snowmen.


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