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12 Proven Ways to Stop Kids From Complaining on a Trip

A little planning (and bribery) goes a long way.

13 Southwestern Slot Canyons That Will Take Your Breath Away

Slot canyons, narrow passages between soaring sandstone walls, are rare natural beauties. Only a tiny handful of places in the world have the right combination of desert, geology and flash-flooding to carve the earth so precisely. In the U.S., these labyrinthine mazes of light and shadow are concentrated in the high-elevation desert along the border between Utah and Arizona. Each slot is a little different—some are tame and the distance between the walls never narrows more than a few feet, others are treacherous, filled with giant boulders to scramble, ice-cold pools to swim through and palisades so narrow that the average hiker can’t fit through without turning to the side and sucking in the gut. These 14 Southwestern canyons will, quite literally, take your breath away.

Is That a Choir of Angels or Just a Day at the Beach: Singing Sands You Have to Hear to Believe

Even in their simplest forms, beaches are spectacular places. Some, however, claim an even more magical level of excellence thanks to peculiar properties boasted by their sands.

Forage in Sweden and Your Palate—and the Planet—Will Thank You

Climate Change Brings New Danger to Travelers in These Parts of the U.S.

This Weird & Wonderful World

These Free Airline Perks Will Change the Way You Travel

From an in-flight nanny to inter-city ground transportation, these travel perks will change the way you fly.

The 10 Best Photo Ops in San Francisco

San Francisco is a beautiful city filled with iconic sights so there is no shortage of pretty backdrops for your Instagram feed.

Bears Ears Is Rich With Native American Culture—But Leave the National Monument to Experience It

The area is replete with Native history and society, but you’ll have to leave the park to best learn about it.

10 Places in and Around Naples to Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Mystery, superstition, and creepy atmosphere run deep in this 2,500-year-old city.


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