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Should You Take That Sloth Selfie?

A new Costa Rican campaign helps protect wild animals by providing do’s and don’ts for animal selfies.

The Origins of the World's Oldest Mind-Altering Drug Cultures

Throughout the globe, ancient cultures experimented with the mind-altering plants around them. Today, some of these may be taboo, but there's evidence to suggest that they helped shape the way we see the world.

The Best Airport Looks (Not Worn by Celebs) We Spotted at LaGuardia

Is Cancun Safe to Visit?

This Weird & Wonderful World

How to Eat Around the World Without Leaving Toronto

If you're looking for new international tastes, here are Toronto's best.

Is This the World's Most Beautiful Train Ride?

Rainy tea plantations might not immediately top your bucket list, but this journey in Sri Lanka’s highlands is sure to please.

Love It or Hate It: 12 Striking Examples of the World’s Most Controversial Architectural Style

Loved by some, hated by many, no style of architecture has been more controversial than Brutalism.

Look at the Incredible Beauty of Iran's Most Important Cultural Sites

Iran’s cultural properties define not just the country’s history and identity, but the heritage of the world.


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