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Do you catch yourself daydreaming from your cubicle and longing to travel to faraway places? Do you also think that you can’t afford a stay at a nice hotel every year? Think again.

13 Bars Where Writers, Authors, and Literary Greats Drank, Wrote, and Talked Books

“Write drunk, edit sober.” —Ernest Hemingway

10 of the Most Picturesque Towns in New England

Anyone who believes the storybook New England scenery only exits on postcards will be astounded to discover it in real life.

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The Insiders’ Guide for LGBTQ+ Tourists in India

This Weird & Wonderful World

28 Ultimate Things to Do in Madrid

With its impressive roster of world-class museums, royal palaces, and scenic parks, here's everything to do and see in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

13 Reasons to Sweat It Out in an NYC Bathhouse This Winter

NYC is dripping with places to sweat out stress, heat your body to the core, and drink all the beet juice you desire.

New Zealand Is Forcing These Tourists out Because They're Awful

Not even one month into 2019 and we may have already found the worst tourists of the year.


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