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Meet the Real-Life Nomads of Chloé Zhao’s "Nomadland"

Vanlife is far more than a trending hashtag to this trio of intrepid road warriors turned temporary actors in the Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe-winning drama. So don’t think for a minute they’re just doing it for the ‘gram.

How the Autistic Travel Goddess Is Dispelling Stereotypes

Confidence is her superpower, and she’s unapologetically herself.

As a Black Woman, I Feel Safer Living in Mexico Than I Do in the U.S.

I feel safer living in Mexico because, between mass shootings and hate crimes in the U.S, chances of survival in Mexico seem far greater.

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"What I Bring Nobody Else Does." Atlanta Chefs Are Putting Exciting Twists on Soul Food Classics

This Weird & Wonderful World

12 Quaint Seaside Villages to Explore in California

An escape to these California seaside villages feels like a voyage back in time and into another world.

12 Stunning Ancient Ruins You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Think “ancient ruins” and your mind inevitably wanders toward the Colosseum in Rome or the Great Pyramid of Giza, but the world is full of stunning craftsmanship from another time.

Forget Atlantis. 14 Real Cities That Are Completely Underwater

Dive into these real-life versions of Atlantis.

The Best Beach Town You've Never Heard About Is Called the "Maldives of Mexico"

Forget Tulum, this beach town is better! The caveat? There's no beach.


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