Marrakesh is often considered Morocco's most intoxicating city. Originally a trading and rest spot along the Saharan caravan routes, today it’s a favorite among the jet-set and everyday traveler alike. Thanks to dozens of daily flights arriving from across Europe and the Middle East reaching Marrakesh has never been easier—or as exciting.

The city lies almost flat, making it easy to navigate by foot which is a must in the mostly car-free medina. To the south, the High Atlas Mountains frame the city and the snow-capped peaks provide a contrast to the desert palm trees during winter months. To the north is a palm oasis, which once supplied much needed water and agricultural land to the city. It’s in-between these geographical landmarks that Marrakesh sits, or rather never stops movRead More

Marrakesh’s monochromatic walls and ramparts are painted hues of red, pink, and orange thanks to the hue of the clay used to build in the area for generations. This colorful display is what earned Marrakech its nickname of the “the red city.” These colors are offset by doorways—each one begging to be photographed.

Beginning with the highly energized Jemma el-Fna square, the souks stretch back for kilometers winding in and out of streets and alleys. The medina itself is a walk through time, a labyrinth that begs to be explored while equally puzzling in its twists and turns—but getting lost is half the fun. Donkey carts, bicyclists, motorcycles, and push carts loaded high with wares all navigate the cobblestoned streets. Vendors sell every type of good imaginable from hand-wrought metalwork to delicate embroidered caftans.

Stop for a bite to eat in any number of shops selling a variety of snacks. Sticky sweet cookies, fried doughnuts, puffy fresh-baked bread, and bubbling tajines can be seen in tiny stalls across the medina. Don’t be afraid to pull up a chair dig in.

But Marrakesh isn’t just a city stuck in time. A visit to the new areas reveals neighborhoods that are bustling with life and begging to be explored. Chic restaurants, boutique shops featuring handmade and designer goods, and night clubs where the music goes long into the night are all part of this newer side of Marrakesh. It’s easy to strike a contrast of ancient and modern in a 15-minute walk.

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