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Petits taxis in Marrakesh are small, beige, metered cabs permitted to transport three passengers within the city limits only. A petit taxi ride from one end of Marrakesh to the other should cost around 20 DH (50% extra from 8 pm to 6 am). The journey is sometimes shared with other passengers if plans coincide. When getting into the taxi, make sure the driver sets the meter (le compteur) on the dashboard for your journey. Taxi Vert is a dial-a-cab service that allows you to preorder a petit taxi for a specific pickup for 15 DH on top of the metered charge, very useful for late at night.

Grands taxis are either old four-door Mercedes or newer minivans. Most often they simply take a load of up to six passengers on short hauls to suburbs and nearby towns, forming a reliable, inexpensive network throughout each region of Morocco. They can also be chartered for private hire for excursions and airport transfers. Negotiate a price directly with the driver or through your hotel if chartering a special trip.

The standard charge for a run from the airport into the medina in petits taxis starts at about 100 DH during the daytime and 150 DH after 8 pm, but you will have to negotiate. Grand taxis cost 100 DH to 150 DH during the day, 150 DH to 200 DH after 8 pm.

Taxi Contacts

Taxi Vert. Marrakesh, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz. 0524/40–94–94.

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