Wizards Are Terrifyingly Present on Chiloé Island

The island of Chiloé, the second largest in South America and Chile’s largest, is a place where it’s easy to imagine magical creatures exist. Lichen carpets spindly trees under the cover of a stubborn silver mist. The low, fast moving tide rushes into bays where brightly colored houses stand on stilts, recedes as if regularly … Continued

In Search of Australia’s Most Bizarre Creature: The Duck-Billed Platypus

One early dawn at o’dark hundred, I’m traipsing beneath primordial gums and giant ferns toward glassy Lake Elizabeth, through a forest alive with flitting birds. I think I hear a laughing kookaburra off in the distance, and the childhood song whirls through my head: Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, eating all the gumdrops … Continued

15 Hotels Where Mammals Rule the Grounds

The added bonus of waking up to the roars of the howler monkeys makes hotel stays all the more fun. And the captivating sight of grazing animals makes breakfast all the tastier!