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    Body Cafe Review

    Body Cafe has an interesting and diverse menu of VERY healthy foods. Many of the foods are served "raw" -- uncooked, although for those who enjoy more traditionally cooked meals you will find some great dishes. Try the Greens and Roots, Soba Noodles. Body Cafe also has great chai and coffee drinks. The atmosphere is a mix (your choice) between a comfortable dining room and a less formal "cafe like" table area. The Cafe is attached to a great yoga and dance facility, so you will be amongst some of Santa Fe's healthiest locals while you eat. Cell phones are not allowed and there is no wireless, although you occasionally find a few quiet souls working quietly on a laptop. It is a great place to work if you want quiet and want to get away from the traditional internet cafe scene. I have been a customer of Body Cafe for a few years and I have seen the service go downhill. Enough to make me question whether or not I want to dine there when review all the cafe options in Santa Fe. For example, often times I asked by the server to pay my bill now since they need to go work the other room -- as not to inconvenience the server. The latest example of this unprofessional service was when I was asked to sit in the less formal cafe, since it was easier on my particular server (Sean) to serve me there, then asked to pay up early since it was a busy night and he wanted to focus on the larger tables. Geez ! Even though I had bad luck on my last dining experience at Body Cafe, the table next to me had a much more polite and professional server, who graciously accepted food change requests, and comped a desert to "adjust" a dinner correction. To summarize, Body is worth trying. The food is good, just be selective/assertive in service. Prices are reasonable for the quality and freshness.

    by sfe_local, 6/7/10

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