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Plan Your Dubai Vacation

Is Dubai the city of gold and glamour, or is it an exotic desert outpost? The majority of visitors to Dubai don't know the answer to this question before they arrive, and some never delve deep enough into the culture to ever find out. The success of Dubai's international airline, Emirates, and their extensive route network mean that most visitors are simply stopping through. A bit of research will prepare you for many days, even weeks in Dubai. Think white-sand beaches, eternal heat, Bedouin culture, austere natural beauty, bustling souks, space-age architecture, international cuisine, theme parks of almost every nature, shopping, and more.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Sunshine It only rains four days out of the year in Dubai. Sand is white, the sea is clean and clear, and you are guaranteed a tan, any time of year.
  2. Luxury Dubai really knows how to turn on the charm. Even public spaces are decked in gold and marble, and every designer brand is here for the taking.
  3. Theme parks Water parks, extreme rides, amusement parks, international expos, and cultural design zones are open year-round. There is even an indoor amusement park for the summer.
  4. The biggest, longest, brightest, most expensive everything It's the kind of city that can give you neck strain from looking up. You'll constantly be in awe of your surroundings.
  5. Safety in the Middle East It's an incredibly peaceful hub, and very welcoming of tourists. Dubai allows the opportunity to experience authentic Arabic culture without fear.
  6. Food You'll learn more about Gulf and Levant cuisine here than almost any other part of the world, but the Subcontinental cuisine (India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka) is also outstanding.

When To Go

When to Go

Dubai is busy year-round, but there is a plethora of accommodations, so it's still easy to find a deal on lodging at most times. Weather is...

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