Dubai is a very safe destination with low levels of theft and muggings, but petty crime is not unknown, so you should always take sensible precautions when it comes to your personal safety and the safety of your valuables. Leave important paperwork such as return tickets and copies of your passport details in the hotel safe. Don't carry more cash than you need on a given day. If traveling by rental car, don't leave any belongings on show when you leave the vehicle.

Dubai is peaceful, easy to enter and travel around, and free of war or terror. However, it is always safest to check your local government’s travel advisory before booking a trip.

Although verified gold and diamond merchants in the souks and malls are trustworthy, be wary if approached on the streets by people purporting to sell these products or designer goods. These salespeople will not be licensed and regulated and their products are likely to be forgeries.

Distribute your cash, credit cards, IDs, and other valuables between a deep front pocket, an inside jacket or vest pocket, and a hidden money pouch. Don't reach for the money pouch once you're in public.

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