If you need stamps for your postcards, they can be bought at souvenir stores and in most hotel gift shops. Mail deliveries take at least 10 days from Dubai to the U.S. and Europe, and the service is not always reliable. Most post offices are open daily 8 am–3 pm; larger branches are open until either 5 pm or 9 pm.

There is no Poste Restante service provided at UAE post offices, so if you need to receive mail while traveling, it's best to use a courier service or ask your concierge if guests can receive mail at the hotel's PO Box.

Main Branches

Dubai Central Post Office. Za'abeel Rd., Karama, The South Bank, Dubai, Dubai. 600/599--999;

Shipping Packages

Many shops selling handicrafts will ship goods for you (particularly useful if you are purchasing a large carpet). Services are reliable with the main stores having a good reputation. FedEx has a well-established network in Dubai, but service is very expensive. Local Empost has a more reasonably priced parcels service for packages. The price for a 5-km package from Dubai to the U.S., Express Service is about US$1,700 through FedEx or AED700 through Empost. However, the Empost does not offer insurance on packages to the U.S., and services can take longer. Empost does offer a more expensive express international courier service.

Express Services

Empost. 600/599--999;

FedEx. Dubai. 507/271--3838; 4/340--5605;

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