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Dubai is busy year-round, but there is a plethora of accommodations, so it's still easy to find a deal on lodging at most times. Weather is best between November and March, and at the peak of winter (January), temperatures are mild 70s at the maximum. However, in the peripheral peak months, it's possible you'll still experience 90-plus temperatures in the middle of the day. Summer is the cheapest time to travel, but surprisingly busy due to European stopovers, school holidays, and the shopping festival. At this time, try and keep your plans to indoor activities—even the sea water tops 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the only outdoor escape you will find is a chilled hotel pool. Ramadan occurs at a different time each year, as it runs according to the lunar calendar. The iftar feasts and community spirit make it a wonderful time for Muslims to travel to the region, but others may find it a little sleepy at this time, and may be put out by restaurant closures during the day. Long weekends and religious holidays are notoriously overpriced here, so check these before you book—often a day or two before or after can save you thousands of dirhams.

Peak Season: November to March

Off Season: Mid-June to mid-September

Shoulder Season: April to May, late September to October

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