Planning Your Time

Dubai is a very large city, and there's plenty to see, so plan your time carefully, especially as the average visit duration to the city is only 48 hours. Depending on what you wish to achieve, the recommended visit duration changes. A one-mall shopping expedition will take most of a day (or more, depending on your retail fervor); lying on the beach will take another. A visit to the desert will take an afternoon and evening at least. Souks will take half a day, and theme parks will take a day each. Exploring peripheral emirates, for example, taking a dhow trip to Musandam, or going wadi bashing in the Hajar mountains will add at least an extra day or two. And don't forget, these are some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts in the world—if you stay somewhere luxurious, you'll need at least a day to soak in your surroundings.

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