Christmas in N.Y. Top shows?

Jul 26th, 2007, 06:10 AM
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Christmas in N.Y. Top shows?

I've done my research on this forum and i've found already loads of useful info on N.Y. and some great ideas!!
But i want your advice on some shows. We'll be there for 7 nights and we don't want a hectic program. We prefer to walk, enjoy the shops and restaurants and visit 1 or 2 museums at our own pace. We don't want to rush to see EVERYTHING on our first visit.

So my qustion right now has to do with some shows that i would like to book in advance.
Is it a must to go to a Broadway theatre? I mean, we've seen Chicago and the Phantom of the Opera already in London, so i'm not sure if we should spend one evening on theatre.

I think it would be much nicer and more NewYork special to see the Christmas Show Spectacular, the Nutcracker and even an Opera. (not sure which of the three though.. ) Is the Christmas Spectacular tacky? Or mainly for children?

What's your opinion on my thoughts? Thanks!!!
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Jul 26th, 2007, 07:04 AM
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The Christmas Spectacular is aptly named and for all ages.

I've seen it at least six times and loved it every single time.

I'm not the one to ask about Broadway Shows since they aren't my thing and I'd much rather see the Nutcracker or other ballet.
Jul 26th, 2007, 09:12 AM
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When I first moved out of NY, we HAD to go to NY to see Broadway shows, but over the last 30 years, that certainly is no longer true - you can see great shows in any big city. I'd vote for Radio City (if you can get tickets -- do check the box office, a few years ago, we got same-day tickets that were turned in by someone else, in the 6th row!). I love the ballet, but I'm not a huge fan of The Nutcracker. Don't miss the windows at Lord & Taylor.
Jul 26th, 2007, 09:17 AM
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Thanks for your replies.
As everyone keeps mentioning Broadway i thought i SHOULD see at least one play! (maybe we'll go IF we find cheap tickets the same day).
For the Christmas Spectacular i see the prices on their website. 115$ for orchestra and first mezzanine..ouch...!! If we buy the 50$ tickets in the 3rd mezzanine but in front will they be too bad?
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Jul 26th, 2007, 09:22 AM
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IMHO the Christmas Spectacular is abosultely un - and I woud do it only for children. (But then I haven;t liked any of the Music Hall shows since I was 10 and had to watch them push a cardboard bluebird across the stage at the easter show.)

The venue is gorgeous - and a lot of adults seem to love it - but I don;t get it. (But then I've seen shows with the Rockettes dozens of times since childhood.)

As for the Nutcracker - we try to do that every year - and always find it wonderful.

Opera - don;t know what they're presenting - or your tastes - so it's hard to say. I love some opera - but can't deal at all with others.

I would absolutly do at least one Broadway show - it's not like they're a single entity - and I have seen and enjoyed dozens - of all different types. Jersey Boys is a big hit - but it sounds like it might not be your taste. You could also look at Wicked. And Spamalot is brilliant if you're Python fans - we are - and have seen it 3 times. Check out to see what they have that you would enjoy. (I must admit to loving Chicago - and other similar, traditional dance-based musicals - but don;t like many of the faux opera variety - I walked out of Miss Saigon.) It's all just a matter of findng the ones YOU will enjoy.
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Jul 26th, 2007, 09:54 AM
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I've seen the Radio City Christmas Spectacular twice and enjoyed it, very much, both times.

Going to a show during the holidays can get pricey, as there are so many people in the city. TKTS will still have tickets, of course, but perhaps not the best seats. Also going to depend on how many tix you will need. The fewer the number, the better your seats will probably be.

If there's a specific show you want to see - especially if it's a popular one - I don't think I would chance it; buy in advance. JMO

NYC is wonderful during the holidays.
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Jul 26th, 2007, 10:27 AM
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If you are here over the holidays another must is Carnegie Hall. There are so many wonderful performances there each month and rarely does anyone mention Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center on this site.

There are several excellent large choruses in the City and you might want to catch the New York Choral Society, The Oratorio Society, St. Celia's Choral Society, New York City Chorus and so many more.

There are usually a few Handel's Messiah at Carnegie and other venues around the city.

Check the, and for all the major choral presentations (vocal area network)

The Boston Symphony, Philadelphia Symphony and the New York Philharmonic will all be performing in December, as well as the Kirov and the New York Pops.

While you are here, you also might check tkts for Broadway shows, and do the location at the South St. Seaport, so you don't have to wait in line for hours.

Also a must over the holidays is to see the Holiday Tree at the Met Museum, decorated with priceless figurines.

Hope this helps a bit and have a GREAT time.
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Jul 27th, 2007, 06:18 AM
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Thanks for your advice! Does anyone know what is the view from the third mezzanine? Is it tooo far away from the stage? (even if i'll find in the front lines?)
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Jul 27th, 2007, 06:18 AM
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Sorry i forgot to mention.. the third mezzanine on Radio City Music hall! Thanks!
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Jul 27th, 2007, 09:33 AM
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The Music Hall is incredibly huge. If you want to see anything you should be in the orchestra - not any mezzanine.
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Jul 27th, 2007, 11:44 AM
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A mezzanine might be OK if it was in the first or second row. Though you'lll still be far back, you'll have a great view of the entire stage and hall.
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Jul 27th, 2007, 02:26 PM
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Just a thought: DH and I are going to NYC in December because of my own personal "100 Things To Do Before You Die" list.

Have seen Rockette Christmas show in provencial venue, but also want to see at RCMH, and have paid to do so!. Cant't wait. Also paying as necessary to see Jersey Boys on that same trip.

Will eat at the Sea Watch restaurant at Rocekefeller Center, see all the department store windows, etc,

Hope you have great planning karma.
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Jul 27th, 2007, 04:08 PM
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I thnk you mean the Sea Grill. And if you want to eat there get rservations early, they fill up far in advance - and be sure to specify seats by the skating rink.
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Jul 28th, 2007, 02:10 AM
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Thanks for your advice! I suppose we will only see once the Christmas Spectacular so we might as well make the most of it. I'll try to find the best possible seats in the orchestra then!
I keep reading here about Jersey boys. Why is it such a hit?
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Jul 28th, 2007, 04:35 AM
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I don't know when you're going or how old your children are or what they might like, but there's are annual winter solstice concerts (around Dec 18-21)at the Cathedral of St John the Divine which I think are very special. It's organized by the Paul Winter Consort and is listed on St John's website with ticket info. It's located near Columbia Univ on the upper westside, off-Broadway around 100th St, an easy cab, bus or train ride from mid-town. They use the whole building with amazing lighting effects, with high points in the past such as a huge rotating globe being lowered from the middle of the cathedral in one piece and a giant gong slowly being raised to symbolize the sun's journey in another. It's multicultural, with dancing and music (new-age jazz), musical parades in the aisles. If you go, try to go early and sit close or on the aisle to get the best view (it's a huge church with all seats on one level or in the choir area). People line up early for the better seats. It's a very unique NY experience you won't see in a road show.
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Jul 28th, 2007, 06:36 AM
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Jo we're in our thirties with no kids! (that's why i've asked on my first post if the Chrismtas Spectacular is tacky or mainly for children)
From your description of the winter solstice concerts i understand that it's a special thing to see, but we'll be there from 21st to 28th of December.
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Jul 28th, 2007, 09:03 AM
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I agree that the RCMH Christmas show is absolutely special. Also agree that the venue is HUGE -- I bought what were called "golden circle" seats - dead center in the orchestra and did not regret the extra dollars. You'll probably only do this once, so make the most of it.

I also highly recommend the Angel Tree at The Met. It is really amazing.

I have a copy of a little guide book called: New York Holiday Guide (The Best Places to Eat, Drink, Shop and Celebrate). I've found it useful over the years with sections on "Holidays and Traditions, Bright Lights, Big Trees, Finding the Holiday Spirit (warming up by the fire, ice skating and hot chocolate, spreading cheer to those in need), FaLaLaLa (music around town), Holiday Magic for Children, etc, etc.

Here's the Amazon link:
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