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  • Last trip
    Boston (family), Paris before that
  • Next trip
    Seattle (business)
  • Favorite destinations
    Europe (any place but Madrid), SF, SD, DC, Boston, Hamptons in summer
  • Destination wishlist
    Turkey, Greece and Malta
  • Best travel tip
    Packing light is a fallacy
  • Favorite hotel
    Best recently - Mandarin Oriental New York
  • Favorite restaurant
    Too many to name
  • Never travels without
    Small flashlight, mini medical kit, folding umbrella
  • All-time best travel moment
    Late afternoon sitting with a campari and soda at the cafe in front of the Pantheon, listening to music from a nearby church and watching Romans make their way home - perfect relaxation
  • Interests and hobbies
    Besides travel - reading English mysteries and biographies, fine dining, theater, driving fast where it's legal
  • Quote
    The need to pack light is a fallacy. Figure out what you really need for the type of trip you're taking and then choose the luggage to fit.
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