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  • Last trip
    Rhine river cruise ,with precruise stay in Amsterdam, and post cruise stay in Switzerland
  • Next trip
    Baltic Cruise: Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinkin, Tallin, Berlin and St. Petersburg
  • Favorite destinations
    the last one
  • Destination wishlist
    the rest of Europe, South Africa, New Zealand
  • Best travel tip
    Planning is the most fun. Then just relax and be flexible
  • Favorite hotel
    Merrion, Dublin; and Hotel Schöneg in Wengen, Switzerland
  • Favorite restaurant
    Emerils Fish House NO, Postcards, Hanleai
  • Never travels without
    flip flops, my special pillow, many ziplock bags, sense of humor
  • All-time best travel moment
    Throwing a snowball from Top of the Rock. or maybe a hidden winery near San Gimignano. Or maybe Carmen Ohio at the "shoe". Or maybe the pub crawl in Dublin. or maybe our picture at Windows on the World. Can't decide.
  • Interests and hobbies
    Granddaughters, Depression Glass, nature photos
  • Quote
    Home is the place were, when you come back, they have to take you in.
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