Paris or Rome

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Paris or Rome

I am going to Europe as part of my masters program in May where we will be traveling throughout Europe including Paris (a lot of the trip is visiting businesses and industries, so not much time for sightseeing during business hours). My husband and I are going to go 5 days early and are going to go to either Paris or Rome. He has been to Rome in high school, but that is almost 15 years ago. I have never been anywhere in Europe. Paris has always been my first choice city to go visit, and although my group will be there for 5 days, only 1 of them is a free day, so I am worried that I will not get to see all that I am dying to see. However, part of me wants go to Rome, because it is not part of my masters program trip, and it is another city that I always wanted to go to. So, my question is, am I foolish to think of missing Rome so that I can see more of Paris, or is it worth it to go to Paris to guarantee I get to see what I want to see there?

Honestly, I know there is no right answer, but I can't make a decision, so I was just hoping someone would have some insight or words of wisdom....thank you!
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I vote for Rome. You say you've always wanted to go there, you'll be a short plane ride away, and you're going to Paris anyway. It will provide a great contrast from Paris: different language, food, culture, ancient ruins.
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I agree. We are going to Paris and Rome in April, and I'm really looking forward to enjoying the differences in culture, food, etc.

A few years ago I ended up in Paris for two days, sort of by accident. We didn't have any plans and were totally unprepared, but we managed to see a whole lot while we were there. So, I'm thinking you will get to see a lot of Paris while you are there.

In other words, go to Rome!
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In a heartbeat-Roma!!!
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I have to agree. Although Paris is my first love, I suggest Rome. You will see a lot of Paris while you are there and you will be able to see the highlights on your one day off. So go to Rome and see something different. The Coloseum is incredible on a first visit. You will not be sorry.
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We just returned from a week in Rome, and we've previously visited Paris for about 2 weeks. Even though Paris is our clear choice, and we would return there whereas we probably wouldn't return to Rome, for you I'd suggest Rome.

Even if you are busy during the day, you'll have long evenings of daylight in Paris after the work day ends. You may not be able to visit all the museums etc., but you'll be able to walk all around and get a good feel for Paris. Give Rome a go.
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Ok i'll dissent.


You already have a flight there so you don't have to spend more money going somewhere else.

Based on the fact that you already have a hotel, you might get a better rate for extending your stay with that hotel.

There is no way you can even get a feel for Paris in 1-2 days. You'll have more than enough to do and you can do it in a relaxing style.

I know I'll get it for this but, I found Rome boring compared to Paris. It was FULL of tourists, lines everywhere (we went mid/late May last year) and HOT HOT HOT.

Paris to me is a vibrant beautiful modern city. There is a lure to Rome, and I'm glad I went, but I'll never go back. There are only so many Roman ruins you can see...

You did say Paris was your first choice...

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Where does your husband want to go?

I'd choose Rome regardless as you'll be in Paris for 5 days even if only one day is completely free. While visiting businesses etc you'll still be in Paris with your eyes open.

If you really want both how about 4 days in Rome then fly to Paris for a free day before your course starts.
What exactly do you want to see in Paris? Can you cover this itinerary in 24-48hrs?

Rome and Paris are wonderful; I hope you get to see both!
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