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  • Last trip
    Bay of Islands, New Zealand
  • Next trip
    Bologna, Italy
  • Favorite destinations
    Rome,Cape Town,London,Paris and New Zealand
  • Destination wishlist
    China and Croatia
  • Best travel tip
    Research well before you go and xerox EVERYTHING-then enjoy the journey!
    Also,consult everyone on FODORS!
    Always bring an extra fold up duffel bag for the treasures that you buy overseas that won't fit into your suitcase for your return flight!
  • Favorite hotel
    Athens Hilton and the Arora hotel in London(LGW)
  • Favorite restaurant
    Le Blavet in Paris France and Alle Fratte de Trastevere in Rome Italy
  • Never travels without
    Ziplocs,Purell, comfy shoes,red wine,Nalgene water bottle and my best traveling buddies and they know who they are!
  • All-time best travel moment
    The first time I flew overseas during college when I saw Big Ben in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris- it took my breath away. Now it is over 44 years of being an international flight attendant with a major US airline-only wish that I had written down all of the "moments" through the years!
  • Interests and hobbies
    Planning trips and traveling, gardening,anything involving food and wine,reading,being with my family along with being on a beach!
  • Quote
    "Its the journey not the destination!"

    "Its better to buy the whole bottle of wine than just the glass!"

    "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,but the moments that take our breath away!"

    "Not all who wander are lost"!
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