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The word conjures something magical as it rolls off the tongue: Istria. Beyond sounding poetic, however, the name of this region of Croatia is derived from the name of the Illyrian people who occupied the area well before the Romans first arrived in the 3rd century BC—namely, the Histrians, whose chief architectural legacy comprised numerous hilltop fortresses. In the northwest corner of Croatia bordering Slovenia, the triangular-shaped Istrian peninsula looks rather like a bunch of grapes—and, given its strong viticultural heritage, some might say this is not a coincidence.


Istria Hotels

In Istria, as in most other reaches of the Croatian coast, it's basically a question of whether to stay at the big,... read more


Istria Restaurants

Food in Istria is more sophisticated and varied than in the rest of Croatia. Culinary tourism is one of the region's biggest... read more

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  • Top Reasons to Go

    Take a walk through the Roman Area in Pula, where you will find one of the world's biggest and best-preserved amphitheaters (in fact, the... Read more

  • A Scent to Swoon Over

    A ball-shaped candy often coated with cocoa? (That's what Webster's says about the truffle.) Think again. Such truffles are a... Read more


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