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  2. Is it just me or are German cities depressingly ugly?
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  18. Wow! I won't do that again!
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  20. Germany axe attack: Assault on train in Wurzburg injures HK family
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  23. 5 CITIES IN 15 DAYS
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  25. Alsace-Alps-Venice
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  1. Germany and Austria trip report by layanluvstotravel
    Started on Jul 22, 16 at 08:12 AM 3 responses
  2. Germany, May'16: Four seasons in three weeks. by Fetinia
    Started on Jul 19, 16 at 10:18 PM 27 responses
  3. Mini trip report night 1 Strasburg & a few questions for Germany & Austria. by jpie
    Started on Jul 10, 16 at 04:02 AM 1 responses
  4. Seeing Austria,Germany, and the Netherlands by wheelchair by Joe18
    Started on Jul 6, 16 at 05:12 PM 4 responses
  5. Decrepit dame does Deutschland by Pegontheroad
    Started on Jul 4, 16 at 01:50 AM 77 responses
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