A Single Person Tells You Why to Honeymoon in the Bahamas

White sand beaches, hammocks rocking in the soft ocean breeze, the slow pace of island life: on a remote island of the Bahamas lies the perfect private getaway, The Cove, Eleuthera, an intimate, 57-room resort. As I dipped my toes in the turquoise water and enjoyed room-service from the comfort of my plush white-linen bed accompanied by seven pillows (all for myself, natch), I knew that when people talked about enjoying their honeymoon in paradise, they were really talking about the Bahamas.

Blue Planet II_EP03_Coral Reefs

Exploring the Ocean with ‘Blue Planet II’ Producer Jonathan Smith

For the series’ third episode, “Coral Reefs,” which Smith produced, viewers are taken to the Coral Triangle in Raja Ampat in Southeast Asia, and reefs in Australia, the Bahamas, and French Polynesia, to observe biodiversity in coral on different parts of the planet. Smith talked to us about chasing stories of clownfish in Borneo, his … Continued