Audrey Farnsworth

Audrey Farnsworth

Associate Editor

Audrey is a writer/extremely serious investigative journalist living in Los Angeles.


  • If you could live in any hotel, which would it be?

    I would live in most hotels, but if I had to choose it would the Carlton George Glasgow. The rooms are incredible, the mini bar is free, and the views from the rooftop are incredible.

  • What's your first travel memory?

    Traveling with my parents when we moved from Los Angeles to Phoenix. I was 4, and I cried the whole time, and so did my 0 year old little brother. Even though we had no idea what was going on, our little brains subconsciously still knew we didn’t want to leave California.

  • What’s currently on your airplane playlist?

    I listen to “The Safety Dance” on loop.

  • Carry-on or checked?

    Checked, absolutely. I wish I could be a carry-on person. I’m far too indecisive and need to bring all of my things with me everywhere.

  • Why do you travel?

    I travel to learn--about the world, about other people, about myself. I also travel to eat things and look at weird birds, preferably at the same time.

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