Please read my post :)

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Please read my post :)

Hi everyone!!

My name is Bill..I posted a question here before, and I got an EXCELLENT amount of responses and figured I would post here again! Thank you to those who took the time to answer the very first post I put on here. Anyway, here's why I decided to post again..I'm 25, and live near Chicago. Lately, I've been trying to make more online friends, I used to have many, but eventually everyone went separate ways. I've tried chat rooms to try to meet people with similar interests..long story short, that has failed miserably I really enjoy traveling, and would very much like to find someone who likes traveling, who has traveled quite a bit, and who is also looking to make a new friend or two I can hold a good conversation as well, and I will be there for my friends no matter what. I would like to find a female around my age..between 25 and 30 who might be looking for new online matters not what state you are in If you are interested, the easiest way to get a hold of me is to send me a message on yahoo messenger..screen name bh781229. I am usually online at night, but if it says I'm offline when you try to reach me, PLEASE don't hesitate to leave me an offline message and I will reply you back Just let me know that you saw my post here, and if you can, be creative when you introduce yourself!!

Also, I thought I would note here that I have extensive knowledge of most of the Interstates and expressways in the US, so if you're planning a road trip and need some advice on the best routes to go, or don't know how to get to your destination, again, please don't hesitate to send me a message, and I will reply..I want to help other travellers out out of the goodness of my heart and will help for free

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am hoping to see another good response to my post!!
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Where is your other post?? This is the only one i see for your name.
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Well, bless your heart Bill, hello.
I know what you mean by chat groups, I tried that and failed miserably too.
If you love to travel and are able to get out and do it, that is one of the best ways in the world to make friends.
If you make friends online, it is a wonderful thing, but I really believe that it is most important to meet people face to face and become friends the old fashioned way.
I hope you get some good responses here and I hope you get out there and make some 'real' friends during your travels~
Good luck~Scarlett
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Scarlett, you always make me smile

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Bill, I agree with Scarlett. As an adjunct to her sage advice about meeting people in the "non-cyber world", I know some 25 year olds who have had good luck with the online meeting place called "friendster". Far be it from me to say who should or should not participate on these boards, but it does not sound like travel talk is exactly what you are looking for...Whatever it is you want, good luck in finding it.
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Bill - you should try Their Thorn Tree Forums have lots of people looking for fellow travelers, and that site skews younger than Fodors.

Good luck!
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"I would like to find a female around my age..between 25 and 30 who might be looking for new online friends..." chat or Dates-R-Us? lol I'm sure you realize, "Bill," that because there is no way to verify your claims of who, what, where, how old and how single you are or are not, the cyberspace females you are seeking are going to be very cautious of online "friendships." Could be one of the reasons you have failed miserably (your words) at pursuing these types of relationships -- because you are trying to pursue women online.

My unsolicited advice is that you switch off your computer and get out in the real world and meet real people in your area. If your wife and kids let you, that is (lol, just joshin).
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I don't understand what prevents you from "helping for free" on this website? Search for Chicago, and post advices, it's that simple.

And by the way, where is your first question? Have you changed your nickname?

If you are 25 why are you looking for a female "between 25 and 30"? Do you like older women?

I wonder if Craig's list exists in your area.
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Did someone advise Bill that lots of seniors post here? If he has any interest in older women, he's in the right place.
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And who exactly do you call "older" and "senior"?
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Faina, Fodors took a survey of posters recently, and found that 57% of the female posters were grannies, ages 59 and up. Less than ten percent were under 45. From what is said here, it's apparent many suffer on-line senior moments. IMHO.
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... lol, watch your BP! I'm only teasing, truly. Have a good day!
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Hey Bill,
When I was in my early 30's and still single, I used to meet women all the time doing volunteer work. NY has an organization called NY Cares that links volunteers with programs in need of help. I'm sure a similar program exists in Chicago.

The reason I was there was to tutor someone or take a kid in foster care on a field trip and let them have some fun at the zoo, ballgame or sailing in NY Harbor. A side benefit was that it was a great way to meet people. Go for the kids but if you meet a nice girl while there, even better.

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Troll. But a nice effort.

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