NYC: Which hotel would you stay in?

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NYC: Which hotel would you stay in?

We'll be in New York for 3 nights, Feb 21 - 23. Group of 3: my husband, 13 year old son, me. I've narrowed down my choices and would like help with a final decision. Here's my little list, prices are for the 3 nights without tax:
Affinia 50 - suite, $627
Vincci Avalon - suite, $517
Rihga Royal - suite, $687
Shelbourne Murray Hill, Suite $584
Salisbury - suite $522, rm w/ dbls $350
Belvedere, 2 dbl beds $507

We'll be going to the met, cloisters, wandering the neighborhoods, going to Times square and the theater & then wandering the neighborhoods some more. Last year we stayed at the Salisbury, and that was a fun location, but happy to try a new place.

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My first choice would be the Rhiga Royal.
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These rates are terrible, aren't they....??
I've stayed at the RIGHA and enjoyed it - easy walk to Central Park, good sized rooms and good service. I would stay there again
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I think you have to compare apples to apples where possible. You're not only comparing suites to regular rooms, you're comparing studio suites to 1 bedrooms. It's also hard for us to juddge for you w/o knowing your habits. Only you know how much time you spend in the room and how much more space will mean and what the difference in price will mean. If you guys never stay in the room and spending less will mean the diff. b/w 1 more show or 1 less show, go for the Belvedere and save the $$$ for the show.

I personally would like the idea of a 1 bedroom suite with a small kitchen for breakfast/snacks. My first choice for this with a teen would be the Blakely which you don't mention. A 1 bedroom gives you some privacy, 2 tvs, a place for 1 person to nap while the others don't etc.

I think the Rihga is the only 1 bedroom here, but I don't think they have more than a fridge. The hotel is currently under renovation and there's no restaurant. Don't know if that matters to you.

I love the location of the Affinia 50 and their rooms are large with full kitchens. The price you've quoted appears to be for a junior suite which is 1 large room.

The price you list for the Salisbury is lower than any price they have on their own website, so not sure what size room this is for.

The only one I would NOT consider is the Avalon which has had employee union problems and is under new ownership. Not a good scene for now. Too many better choices.

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Thanks for the help! All of the hotels (plus a show)are within our budget - the prices are better than I expected.

I've scratched the Avalon - thanks for the advice. I haven't found a good rate for the Barkley yet - although it looks perfect on their website. The lowest price I've seen is $855 for 3 nights. The price for the Salisbury on Expedia is $522 for a suite, $350 for a room with 2 doubles.

I guess my priority is for a comfortable room w/ nice beds. I would like a microwave, small fridge and at least a sitting area. A separate bedroom would be a bonus, but not necessary. I don't think we'll spend much time resting!

The Righa Royal sounds great - I'm a little concerned about the remodeling.

Any other thoughts would be most welcome!
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As much as I like the Belvedere, there is not much of a sitting area. You do have the microwave and frig. I looked at the Shelbourne Murray Hill and on their hotel website, the studio suite was $537 and the one bedroom suite was $687. So not sure about those prices you had. I agree with mclaurie about the Affinia 50 and of course the Shelbourne is part of the same group. I would probably go for one of those two.
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I notice you've mentioned using Expedia. Have you priced any of the establishments "directly"...are Expedia prices that much better?

If these places are available on Expedia are they also available through another discounter such as
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Just wanted make sure you were looking at the BLAKELY I mentioned, not something else.

Based on what you say you want, you probably should eliminate the Belvedere since you don't get any sitting room there. So now you have 4 choices.

>The rate on the Rihga is MUCH better than what's on their website. I don't know whether you will get a microwave there. You will have a fridge. The hotel rest. is closed but that shouldn't affect you. It will probably be the most space and it's the closest to Times Square.

>The Salisbury is a good option if you want to be frugal. It's the next closest to TS, it's close to the park and the room will be a good size. The place just feels a bit tired.

>the 2 Affinia hotels are good, solid choices. I prefer the location of the Aff. 50 but both will work well for you.
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check out
Also Barclay intercontinental has great website rates and if you call diectly they will give you a special hush hush rate.The benjamin is another option and also morgans.They all have one bedroom suites at lower rates than you have listed.also check out
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