Honeymoon Suggestions

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Honeymoon Suggestions

I'm getting married on August 20th and I am wondering if people have any suggestions on fun places to go that are unique experiences. Naturally finding information on Hawaii, Mexico and other honeymoon hotspots is easy but I'm wondering if people have lesser known fun suggestions that most people wouldn't typically know about. For example, my friend went to this island in a lake where there were only horse dawn carriages and bikes for tansportation. More unique places like that are harder slueth out.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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My sister and brother-in-law recently went here & LOVED it.


Oooh, and congrats! Happy honeymooning wherever you go.
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I've been to many hidden, lesser known gems but...You'll not have a better honeymoon experience than Paris. Far away the best, hands down.
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Knowing how much time they have and an approximate budget would help - as would what they want. If it's a beach location then we're somewhat limited. If they have other interests - we can make more recos.

If it were me in august I would do either Switzerland or Scandinavia - but then I'm not a beach person and prefer cool to heat.
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As NYTraveler noted, the most important thing to know before deciding on a honeymoon spot is what YOU think is romantic. For example, some couples would like nothing more than to sun-bathe on a quiet beach -- my wife and I could not imagine anything we would enjoy LESS (well, maybe a root canal without anesthesia, but most people don't plan that for a honeymoon).

Anyway, before we could give any useful ideas for unique romantic spots, it is necessary for us to know what YOU consider romantic.
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Costa Rica is wonderful, but I'm not familiar with the Tamarindo area. My prior research indicated that it would not be the place for me, but the resort mentioned by Melissa is quite enticing.

Hubby and I honeymooned at Caneel Bay on St. John in the USVI. I would love to go back but it is quite expensive. Very low key, but casually elegant. Excellent food and grounds. The island is mostly national park land, so it is a wonderful place without crowds or cruise ships.

Can only get to the island by boat and most people fly into St. Thomas. Like many posters said above...what exactly are you looking for? This is not a hopping place!
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Thank you all for your help and suggestions. I'll give you a bit more information since you asked. One thing is we'd like the plane flight not to be too long. So Europe might be a bit far. Though we both have been to Switzerland and Scandinavia and LOVED it. Paris would be nice and maybe a good option but we both don't like alot of tourists and August seems like it might be a busy time. For instance, I traveled through Europe in March - May and the weather wasn't as nice but I loved spending more time with local people. I love the Costa Rica suggestions but we are going there in January so going in August might be a bit much and the gulf.

We both are looking for something where we can relax after a stressful couple months. We like somewhat seclusion with opportunities for some adventure. Doesn't have to be a beach. Basically I like hearing fun suggestions and hearing people's stories that can inspire some options. So once again, thank you all for the suggestions, I look forward to seeing more. Thanks.
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August. Seclusion. Relaxation. In or near the U.S. Hmmmmm.....

"Seclusion" in August means nowhere near any beaches. "Relaxation" in August means nowhere in the south (east or west), unless your idea of relaxation is trying to find an air-conditioned area. I'll also recommend against low-elevation woodlands at this time, because that means hordes of mosquitoes.

I thus suggest somewhere in "the mountains," far enough north to avoid the heat. This can be Upper New England, the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Lake Tahoe area, or any of the national parks in the Rocky Mountains: Rocky Mountain (of course!), Glacier, or Banff/Jasper. In all of these, you CAN find crowds (in the last one mentioned, rather huge ones), but you can also find seclusion and relaxation by choosing your lodging away from crowds.
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Thanks PaulRabe. You hit the nail on the head and found the reason for me asking the question. August is a tough time to find a good place. It is hot in the Southeast, the Caribbean has hurricanes, and central/s. america is getting pretty far away. That pretty much leaves Hawaii and Mexico being close tropical places but personally, we kindof like unique fun places so I liked your ideas. Have you been to any nice resorts/hotels in the Rockys or Gaspe Peninsula you'd recommend? We were thinking of Prince Edward Island. Thanks again for the help, I love getting suggestions.
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How about Yosemite, although it is probably booked up by now unless you can get a cancellation, Ahwanee Lodge would be beautiful for a honeymoon. Never been to Canada except Vancouver but Banff and Lake Louise sounds and looks great.
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Go to the Grand Tetons and/or Yellowstone.

Or stay in the great cabins cmcfong stayed in a couple of years ago at Red Lodge, MT.
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Here ya go - her trip report -

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Thanks for the tips starrs. I googled the suggestions and they look like alot of fun. I appreciate your input. I'm liking all the options I didn't think about.
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We loved Bermuda. I am not sure what coast you are flying from, but it is an easy flight from the East. Plenty to keep you busy, but plenty of places to find peace and quiet! Congratulations!
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Thanks for the tip willowjane...we're actually flying out of Portland Oregon.
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Portland! Last night my wife suggested the Oregon Coast for a romantic place, and I fully agree!

Anyway, if you're starting from there, I recommend either the Tahoe area or the Banff region. Yosemite and Yellowstone are FANTASTIC places to visit, and the former is particularly romantic -- but neither place will give you much in the way of seclusion during August. Tahoe and Banff have the advantages of seclusion being at least POSSIBLE if you work at it. You can even choose a lodge that has no access other than hiking fourteen kilometers to it -- now THAT'S seclusion!
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Haha, thanks for the suggestions PaulRabe. The Oregon coast is awesome and we love it but we go their often so we'd like to try something a bit new. Thanks for the heads up on the 14K hike lodge. Might not do that this time but definitely in the future. Those are the fun suggestions I love. I'll look into fun Tahoe places. I have been looking at Banff and Yellowstone/Yosemite based on other's suggestions. Thanks agian!
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