Los Cabos Car or Not?

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Who said anything about kids? Go to Disneyworld if you want safe, clean, sterile, kids meals, cheap food. Go to Cabo and stay at Las Ventanas, Casa Del Mar, Palmilla, Hotel Twin Dolphin or The Hotel Cabo San Lucas if you want gorgeous ocean, fantastic sunsets, great weather, sportfishing, boating, relaxation, luxury, pampering, and excellent food.
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Sixty Bucks U.S. To eat in Mi Casa!
That is an outrage to pay $60 bucks that is $100. Canadian Dollars.

My Friend and I ate out in a wonderful Mexican Restaurant near where we live in downtown Vancouver. It was high rent as it overlooked the park and ocean and provided an in house singer.
Service was terrific . This is high high rent area. The Bill for entre which included shrimp and a pitcher of
margaritas came to $$28.U.S.

To pay $60 bucks for a good meal is an outrage.
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Actually xxx, to pay $60 for a good meal where I live would be a bargain. That's how much it costs to go out for pizza in my CT suburban town. You can't touch a decent meal out for less than $100. I guess for me Cabo would be a bargain.
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Oh and that was $100 US. I can only imagine what that is in Canadian dollars.
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joe leonard
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It's obvious the cost of food varies depending on the cost of living in a particular area. This, of course, is related to money folks earn for their job skills in that area. Keep in mind what the good Mexican cooks & dish washers make in that country. Those folks in Cabo are making a mint off of you suckers.
The postings related to food started off with the fact that good meals in PV are less expensive than comparable meals in Cabo. If I can sit down and have the same quality of meal at two or more different places I am going to go to the less expensive place.
Now for my opinion, I have visited both PV & Cabo. There isn't a restaurant in Cabo that is worth a damn. Cabo is also a place you still need to pay attention to contaminated water - PV you don't- it's safe. Immediately, that should tell you something about the two places. There is absolutely no comparison between Cabo & PV as far as the QUALITY of restaurants, the number of QUALITY restaurants, & of course, the QUALITY OF FOOD. As for other comparisons, someone mentioned Cabo is being more scenic with those wonderful sunsets. Cabo sits at the end of a very dry desert & the only scenic thing there is a rock with a hole in it. Tell me, do you ever see a Cabo ad without that rock - there is nothing else! PV has beautiful foliage lined beaches a boat ride away where you can get in the water safely. Cabo itself has nicer beaches but you cannot safely get in the water at most locations due to the undertow. As far as the sunset goes it should be the same sun everyone is watching at the same time since Cabo & PV are both on the same coast, in the same time zone.I won't even get into the dirt of Cabo verus the clean of PV or the civic minded citizens of PV verus the Cabo hucksters, whores, & drug pushers that come in with the building of that resort. Cabo used to be a good place to go fishing but that isn't the case anymore because it has been fished out. There is still fishing there but is's certainly not QUALITY fishing.
If someone give me a free ticket with free hotel lodging in Cabo I wouldn't take it - the place is a total dump. Oh, by the way, I wouldn't even consider renting a vehicle in that place due to the possible problems with the corrupt police. With a minor fender bender you could find yourself in a dirty jail cell sharing your bread & water with the rats.
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PJ, It sounds as though you and I are on the same wave length. I am finding this website a huge disappointment, compared to the Europe message board. I can't figure out where these people are coming from. We will be in Cabo the week of Sept. 9th, so will post a report to you when we get back. Like I said before, we have several friends who go there often, and love it. I'll let you know! Hasta luego!
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NO Shill ME
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So Cathy Babes: "Like I said before, we have several friends who go there often, and love it. I'll let you know! Hasta luego!"


Cathy Babes: You say your friends go there often. Let me Guess For some reason or other these friends that go to Cabo Often Cannot help you with you or P.J.'s Inquiry.

These friends do not have an email? No Access to a computer?

So we wait for you to go to tell us about Cabo. The friends cannot tell you about Cabo? The friends that go there often. You cannot pass on what these friends that go there often know about Cabo for these friends do not tell you.

Because your friends could not tell you about Cabo you came over to Fodor's Latin America Board and say you are dissappointed because you are not getting what ever it is you are looking for.

You are looking for reassurance you have made the right choice?
You are looking for the Cost of a Vechicle?
I can pick up a phone call a rental car company in my hometown such as Avis and get the rates for Mexico.
Why do you not try that?
Travel Agents have access to good deals to rent cars?

You want to know to rent a car or not?
Cars like a volkswagon beetle will run about $50-$70 a day.

A taxi ride one way will be $25 to town if you are on the corridor more if you are in San Jose.
CSL from the Airport $75
The communal bus from airport $12
If you walk out to road and flag a regualar taxi ride about 25
Walk outside the Airport to the road Local bus $1
If you are in an accident and people are injured you will go to jail.
Check the state dept travel warnings or better still go to Frommers there is a piece on a car accident in Mexico.
Is that help?

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Hi I am Cathy
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We just got back from Cabo. We met wonderful people there and ate a super restaurants. We ate at Mocambo's, Mi Casa most of the time.
We stayed at the Hacienda and I went swimming at Medano beach it was ever so wonderful. I did not see one turd float by the whole time I was there.
I did not pack my chemistry set so could not tell about the Bacteria count in the Bay.

We hung upside down at the giggling marlin and got to sign our on the wall and join the hall of fame of piss tanks that vacationed before us.

We stuck pretty close to the hotel and kept our head stuck in the sand so we did not see beach vendors or hookers or anything for that matter.

We are now proud owners of a Timeshare Investment. We made our choice when we realized they weren't making anymore and waterfront property just keeps going up and up.

We will be going back to Cabo next year and the year after and the year after that for a Timeshare cost a heap of money.

Hast Leugo

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If the people in Cabo--or anyplace in Latin America-- are like those who respond on this site---perhaps I should stay put! Many of you should visit the European Fodor's site and become educated. You are giving Fodor's a bad name. You certainly don't belong here, and I have a difficult time believing you are educated travelers...Perhaps you have nothing better to do than bash other people or locations. That is sad. Grow up or get lost!!!
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Cathy, Thank you for your response. I will look forward to your trip report--if I can find it amongst the junk here! Have a wonderful time. PJ
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Lots of Fun
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What happened in Cabo: My type of holiday. I like to have fun.

1. Recently many people lost money as a realtor ran out of town with the 1 million of other people's cash. Oscar de la Hoya reportedly looking for his portion of it.

2. The timeshare closers {American Women} ran a pryamid scam of many of the local Mexican women who were unfortuately believed the Scam Artist and lost all their savings.

3 A Canadian Fireman was stabbed and his wife assaulted with a rock by a timeshare on the main beach during a verbal confrontation. This was reported on Television news and papers.

4. Take medical insurance if you need to be Air Evacuated out it will cost you in the thousands. P.S. They air evacuated the Fireman and his wife out.
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