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Yes, its a very touristy joint. Expensive drinks and the night we went in it was filled with drunk conventioneers. Unless you are a Sammy Hagar fan and you just want to have a Waborita, I would skip this place.
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Gosh, so negative! Cabo is Cabo...VERY TOURISTY! SO WHAT? Cabo Wabo is a good time, but a more lively hangout would be Squid Roe, The Giggling Marlin, or my Fav. The Nowhere Bar located next to Margaritaville at the Marina. These are all within blocks of each other! Go bar hopping! (there are no cover charges in Cabo!)Wherever you end up...Cabo is just plain wonderful! Be safe and Have fun!
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Never underestimate the power of denial. Denial is what addiction is all about without denial you would have to see what is really in front of your nose without the Rose coloured Glasses. <BR><BR>I found Cabo Wabo expensive and boring. The owner shows up a couple times a year and pulls in the crowds. I am not into rock and roll or hard rock or just plain noise is what you find in those other Cabo Bars. Seedy, tired and full of drunks.<BR><BR>Cabo is for the sex addicted, the alcohol addicted, the drug addicted. It is an addicts paradise. It is a gathering of slobs, cheap gringas lookin for a macho six inch mighty pole, gringos lookin for a cheap lay, it is a gathering of people with no taste. Cabo is a definite when it comes to going No where.
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sean murphy
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Capt Mike is absolutely correct. I was there once but never again. There is no pride of community such as you will find in places like Puerto Vallarta. Cabo is a seedy dirty community &amp; I am convinced that those who go there like to wallow in the filth. Your chances of getting drugged, mugged, or something like salmonella, is better in Cabo then most other places in Mexico.
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tony peterson
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I have not been in the Cabo Wabo, Squid Roe, or Giggling Marlin but I did look into each one and the inside of those places are about as dumpy as the village is. However if you enjoy getting drunk, making a fool of yourself like taking your top off, etc, and then leaving with a stud or teenaged whore, then you will love it. Cabo is very expensive for what you get in return. The restaurant food is the worst I have ever had in Mexico. I am also one that will never venture to Cabo again.
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Ok guys. You have all stated your cases and the fact that you hate this town you are inquiring about in a forum? I dont get it. I think you all need to take off your DARK SHADES and step into the light. Life really shouldnt be take sooo seriously. For heavans sakes, we are talking about a vacation spot, somewhere to enjoy and relax.....something it seems that you all know nothing about. And thats all I have to say about that. have a good one, Ill be in Cabo (For the 10th time) at the end of the month. I plan to throughly enjoy myself, as I always do!<BR>Bottoms up kids!
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bill simpson
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Hey Amber I know how &amp; where to vacation &amp; it sure isn't in Cabo. I bet you're are from CA, AZ, or TX where the air fares are cheap to Cabo. Also bet you like to drink &amp; can get away with things in Cabo that you wouldn't ever do back home. Am I right? By the way when you said bottoms up, did you mean your butt or your glass? May the force be with you on your 10th trip.
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Hey Amber is this your pic. If it is I can see what attracts you to Cabo. Your type of town.<BR><BR>
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Don't get it.
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I do not understand why anyone would want to pay the money to go to Cabo.<BR><BR>1. It does not have a proper sewage treatment. 45% of people hooked up and even then there is overflow and an inabilty to handle the volume with sewage coming up through the grates of the towns streets. The rest not on sewage well I can only guess. <BR><BR>That to me leaves me open to Hepatitis, Cholera, salmonella and other diseases.<BR><BR>Decent treatment of sewage a must for healthy travel.<BR><BR>2. The town promotes strip joints and tolerate police corruption which has been taking place for years.<BR><BR>3. Drugs are readily and easily available. Teenage hookers on the street. Why do I want to expose the kids to this?<BR><BR>4. The Beaches are dangerous mothers, children have drowned on vacation down there. Fishing pangas and tour boats have overturned and people have drowned. The ocean, undertows are treachous and dangerous.<BR><BR>5. The town is a dump. One hotel has blocked an entire three blocks of the main street from the ocean view. Peurta Vallarta has a malecon where one can walk and view the ocean and shop at the same time.<BR><BR>6. The food is mediocre and overpriced. They say this is because nothing is produced around Cabo and has to be imported. I read there is a monopoly on the import trade thus the high prices.<BR><BR>7. Timeshare are everywhere. They are manipulative and will tell untruths about Taxi fares, get on tour buses clamiming to be representing the hotel when they are really part of the timeshare operation. It seems everyone is on it<BR><BR>7. Things are getting dangerous with robbery and murder on the downtown streets. <BR><BR>8. Poverty exists in high proportions in the barrios along with drugs and violence. <BR><BR>9. There is nothing cultural or historic to view in Cabo. It is an abortion of Tijuana. <BR><BR>10. It promotes alcohol, sex and drug abuse under the guise of a party atmosphere and attracts a large number of deadbeats from the States that love that life style. <BR><BR>11. Corruption and dirty land deals ,ofpeople who have been encouraged to retire there, with realtors , lawyers, politicos involved in dirty deals.<BR><BR>
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Don't Get It, hit the nail on the head. That is a very good description of Cabo. I might add one additional thing since a lot of people still believe it is a prime deep sea fishing location. The Gulf of California has been fished out. The local fisherman who in the past derived their income from fishing are having a very hard go at it now. They are now subsisting on what they used to consider trash fish. Many fishing tour operators have left this location. The reason for all this, blame it on the corrupt Mexican government who would not act to conserve the renewable resource due to payoffs - they liked the money in their pockets instead of fish in the sea.
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I'm headed to Cabo for the first time in March. From all the negative responses it seems to me that I have made the correct decision. Sex &amp; drugs &amp; booze and rock and roll. Who could ask for a better place to vacation. From all the complaints I read sounds like you people need to vacation in a &quot;nice&quot; (boring) place like Cancun or Accapulco. Maybe the retirement home can book your trip for you. Here's to Woboing in Cabo until I can't wobo no more!
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