Cabo help again

Oct 3rd, 2002, 07:45 AM
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Cabo help again

Just posted Need Cabo Hotel Help and still have more questions about Cabo. Is there a dress code when eating out in hotels or town. What is the drink/ food price range? (Boyfriend is a beer guy(not draft)and I like some mixed drinks; margaritas) Should you drink bottled water only? I heard tipping is added to hotel bill. If so, do you still tip? Thanks again
Oct 3rd, 2002, 08:16 AM
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Hi, Angela!
Unless you consider wearing a t-shirt with your shorts to be a dress code, the answer is no. Cabo is very laid back, especially in downtown proper. Some of the larger resorts up the corridor may have dress codes for their fancier restaurants, but everywhere in town is come as you are. Dress however you wish. You'll see a few people wearing jeans or pants, but the majority will be in tank tops and shorts, with sandals.

Food can be relatively pricey, particularly in the well-known restaurants on the main drag. For a real taste of Cabo, go off the beaten path, or ask a local where they go for good food. There are many open-air barbecue-style joints a stone's throw away from downtown, that you would not even know were there. To be safe, figure on spending about $30.00 per meal (except dinner) for the two of you. Dinner will likely be more, but always guess high, as opposed to low - that way you won't overspend your budget.

Water in Cabo is spring-fed, but that doesn't mean you should drink from the tap everywhere. Many of the pipes are old and corroded, but in your resort, you can drink from the tap. In town, we generally get bottled, or stick with soda or mixed drinks. Don't bother bringing bottled water in, unless you don't mind the added weight. If you want to buy bottled water in Cabo, don't go to the Gringo Grocery in the center of town - all the prices are jacked sky-high. Ask a local where they do their grocery shopping, and go there instead.

Most bars in Cabo have nearly all-day Happy Hours, where drinks are two-for-one; especially Margaritas. The Office on Medano beach is a fun place to hang out in the afternoon, and their mango margaritas kick butt.

Some hotels include tips in the price you paid, but we still tip, anyway, though not quite as much; if we're at a resort where it's included, I usually still leave about $3.00 per day for the maid, and about .50 to 1.00 per drink to the waitress/bartender, and about 15% on a meal tab. Check with your hotel to find out if tips are added to the overall bill.

In special cases, where we ask someone for a special service, or to go above and beyond normal service, we tip accordingly; same as in the US. American dollars are FINE to tip with; you don't need to switch over to pesos.
Oct 3rd, 2002, 08:01 PM
Cabo Cinderella
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Love was in the Air and oh I had so Much Flair
Turning thirty-five I was glad I was alive
Feeling seventeen I was caught up in A dream
Those handsome Mexican guys all giving me the eyes
Love was in the Air I could Smell it eveywhere
Love was in the Air I could Smell it Everywhere

In Cabo I had arrived
Oh I was glad I was alive
Yes I was turning twenty-seven
and fallen into Tweetie Twat Heaven

Love was everywhere I could smell it the air
I Met my Romeo in a bar Called Octopussy Row
He came sliding on over giving me the eyes
I ordered I sloe Gin
He gave a great big Grin
Then he served me a Mickey Finn
and later did me in

We humped and bumped all night long Aye Yi Yi YI Yi
That guy could really turn me on
I had stars in my eyes
I was glad to be alive
Oh what a fool was I

He whispered in my ears
all the words I love to hear
"Without me he was lonely
I was his one and only
We were going to live in Cabo happily ever after
making music,love and laughter"
aye Yi Yi YI Yi

Love was in the Air I could smell it everywhere
Then came the day I Had to go away
He promised he would be faithful
and silly me I was so grateful
I worked so hard each day
I put my pennies away
Then I sent him all my money
He was building a home me
oh my darlin Honey

Everyday I got a new Email
I was living in a fairytale
"How I miss you my dear
How I wish You were here
I am waiting faithfully
When you get here you will See
It is only you and Me"

Love was in the Air I could smell it everywhere
It was just a little over a year
I packed up all my gear
put it it all in one big suitcase
back to Cabo I did race
I hadn't given up the chase

Love was in the Air I could smell it everywhere
I was going to live the Cabo happily ever after
of making music, love and laughter

When I arrived
I found my Romeo living in A Dive
He had spent all of my money
on his four kids and a wife he called Honey

Love was no where
not even in The Air oh no no no no

I got the Big Blowover
He was in Love with Daisy Clover
He met her the other night
at Octopussy Row she had a wallet full of dough
he said sorry "I have to go"
He was just a gigolo

Now I am a Cabo Cinderella
Passed over by all the fellas
They used to send me Roses
Now they Hold Their Noses
They no longer want to Chinga
With a smelly Little Gringa

I sit in a Bar called Nowhere
pulling out my hair
drowning my despair
sifting thru love's ashes
scratching my hives and rashes

You should see me now
I have put on 80 pounds
I have done all the rounds
been laid by every guy in town

Once Love was in the air
I could smell it everywhere aye yi yi yi yi
Now love has gone away oh no no no no
it may return another day
Maybe love will come back tommorrow
When I have some money he can borrow

Once Love was in the Air
I could smell it everywhere
I had stars in my eyes
oh what a fool was I ay yi yi yi

Oct 3rd, 2002, 08:10 PM
A humpty dumpty
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To be sung to "If I only Had a Brain"

We are the Cabo Dumptys .. The boys no longer wanna Humpty .. we are in Paradise Lost and oh at what a cost ... we are the hand me downs... we've been passed all around ..when the machos see us coming they all start a runnin ..they say they've had enough they call us smelly stuff

Once we were the Belle of Balls Desired by them all.. but unlike Cinderella who knew when to leave .... we didn't want to go ... we stayed on in old Cabo.....we wanted to catch a man

WE got ourselves an occupation ... hanging out on the dusty streets ... the tourists we beg and entreat to attend a Timeshare Presentation

WE were told that to be a Timeshare OPC is every gringa's Dream .... little did we know how things down here work ... like silly Do Do's were we to be be taken in by the Jerks..

Like Birds of a Feather us Dumptys flock together
you can find us at any ladies night where they servin up free beer.. maybe another day you can buy us a round of cheer... we have to sit outside as ladies we no longer qualify... We wanna Catch a man

We sit around with our noses in the air
pretending we don't care acting like we have flair
when we are churning up inside we have been put aside

Every day we face more rejection
and deep down we live in fear and dejection
It is a hard life down here
and in a short time us dears
all look older than our years

We patrol in the bars each night doing what we call drivebys .. But those Machos blow us over and go chase the Daisy Clovers.. They have wallets full of dough you should see those jigalos go

We get so darn jealous when we get passed over by all the fellas we end up in a big fight .. us dumptys are not very bright ... The bouncers pick us off the floor then toss us out the barroom door... Bye Bye Cabo Dumptys the boys no longer wanna to Humpty..... we wanna Catch a man

We have done all the rounds.. we are the hand me downs.. packing on the pounds.. we've been passed is time we gotta out of town

We are the Cabo Dumptys the boys no longer wanna Humpty.. when the Macho see us comin they all start a runnin ..they say we smelly stuff and that they've had enough......We wanna Catch a Man but look how fast they ran....

Oct 3rd, 2002, 08:18 PM
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I am just a gigolo
everywhere I go
I am a Happy HO HO down in Old Cabo

I am the local star
I work the town's Bar
My Lines are the Best
My aprons are well pressed

I give the girls the eyes
Then tell them all my lies
I whisper in their ears
the words they like to hear
Then I shift the gears

I am just a Happy HO HO
everywhere I go
Just a gigolo
down in Old Cabo

Can you spare a little Cash
We will have a Party Bash
Snort a little Blow
I'll give you a good throw
I will pay you back tommorrow
Oh! how I love to borrow

I am just a gigolo
A Happy Ho HO
everywhere I go
down in Old Cabo
When you go away
I will write you everyday
I promise I won't get laid
Just make sure I keep getting Paid

I tell you the words you need to hear
"How much I miss you my dear
Wish you were here
You are my one and only
Without you I am so lonely"

I am just a Happy HO HO
everywhere I go Just a gigolo
down in Old Cabo

I work the local Bar
I am the town's star
My aprons are well pressed

I"ll whisper in your ears
All my lies you love to hear
Then I'll hit you up for cash
we'll have a party bash
Can you gals guess
What I do BEST!

I am just a gigolo
every where I go
a happy Ho HO
down in Old Cabo

Oct 3rd, 2002, 08:33 PM
Ma Help SoS
Posts: n/a
They call me Doodly Squat
Cuz I always have the trots
Flim Flam is my game
Bullshit is my middlename

I fly around Cabo Town
in a spiffy white car
The top is always down
I think I am a star
I believe I will go far

I am very easy to reach
My office is Medano Beach
I like to put on the airs
The wind blowing thru my blond hair
I live a life of no cares
Jus try to get you into Timeshare

Don't Call my name out loud
I am no down here as a fraud
I give out business advice
Back home I am being sought by the vice
Someone of whom you should be careful
I will try and hawk you a land deal special

I hang out with the Humdingers
A gang of Gringo Dingers
They call us the Cabo Lice
we have paid off the local vice
We are on a permanent vacation
Flim Flam is our occupation
Anyone with common sense
wouldn't lend us two cents

Come on down I'll show you around
We spin the town in my car with the top down
Its on a yearly lease from a company I have fleeced
Oh a tourist with cash I am happy to greet
I have so many deals and people for you to meet
They call me Doodly Squat
I always got the trots

Oct 4th, 2002, 10:13 PM
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Madame Zorrita's Soirees -
I know of a very special place...
Where Ladies where only silk and Lace.. A sniff of Pure Lines ....
a happy Face
It's called Zorria"s Soiree...{in the background castanettes} OLE

It is just three steps off the Main DRAG..
Come on Mister do not Lag....
It is time to play and be gay..
don't fret {Castanettes}....
At Zorrita's Soiree {castanettes} OLE

No matter where you go in Old Cabo
on every street corner all you meet is Cheap Tranvestites
and tired old worn out old HOs (more castanettes}...
You even find them working out of Octupussy Row oh no no no no no
and the bar next door you will be on the floor they want you to score oh oh oh oh oh oh oh no

But in that Special Place
I did suggest
It will be end of a life long quest

You will meet your Queen...ay yi yi yi yi and you will la la la luvvv....(castanettes}
In Zorritas's Soiree OLE {Castanettes}

Discretions is Madame Zee's Motto...
once you are there...
you will feel like you have won the lotto..... ay yi yi yi yi yi
o real cares....hurray
Zorrita's Soiree (Castanettes}OLE

In Old Cabo there is no
place like it to go ...ay yi yi yi yi yi yi..
it is where you will meet Marilyn Monroe and her good friend Jean Harlow...{castenettes}}la la la la la luv luv luv luv

Go on in relax for awhile...
I guarantee you will leave with a smile...
ay yi yi yi{castanettes}
They are Cabo's Finest QUEENS..{castanettes}..Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
a gentleman's dream
you will leave a king

A song, a dance, and Romance... take a chance a glance a prance
ascend those curvy stairs... {castanettes} but.. be..a..Ware..... you will never want to go.....
you will stay forever in Old Cabo.... At Zorrita's Soiree...OLE {Castanettes}
May 24th, 2003, 03:38 PM
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It is true- it is all true!
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