where do you live

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Born and raised in South Jersey (12 miles outside of Philly). Married and moved to central Ohio 30 years ago (I was about 10 when I married...)
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Born in Canada but have lived most of my life in Rhode Island.
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I am posting here because I think telling one's age invites assumptions. I am from the old school,where no one asks one's age and you will most likely be receptive to whoever. And, oh yes, I forgot, I am from Conn.
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At this point of the this thread - does anybody still care or read this far? Allright, I live in a van down by the river.
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Born in Brooklyn, lived in southeastern Pa. and various parts of NJ, now live in central NJ.
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Great question, Mimi--

Born in Bay Shore, Long Island, NY, raised in Babylon and West Islip.

Went to Boston College then came home and married life of 19 years, with lots of traveling inbetween, has been here, Garden City, Long Island.
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Thanks for asking!
Born and raised in Rio Grande do Sul, southeast of Brazil.
Lived 2 years in São Paulo, Brazil.
Now living in Boston, MA, and almost melting with the heat wave here!

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Have been living for many years in South Florida...now living right by the ocean near Hollywood, FL (not too far from Ft. Lauderdale)
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Born in Vaqncouver, but grew up in Toronto (eh?).
For the last 24 years I have lived in the middle of nowhere, a.k.a. the armpit of heck.
Actually, I live in Thompson, Manitoba, a small mining town in the north of Manitoba. If you like outdoor sports (canoeing, snowmobiling, 4-wheeler ATV, hunting, fishing, etc.) it is ideal. US residents come 1500 miles to visit here, at the end of the paved roads, and beyond. I enjoy cross country skiing, and down-hill skiing at -20C, but my preferred travelling is civilization - New York, London, Paris; and we are heading for Italy next month. This is an area where the town is only 40 years old (before that, wilderness) and the nearest big city (Winnipeg)treasures its oldest buildings from 1900 as a unique treasure. It is great visiting an area where evidence of civilization goes back millenia, and the "new" buildings are from the 1700's.
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Another European here: I was born in Turku, Finland and live now in Espoo (right next to Helsinki).
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.. and another one!

Born and raised in Basel. Lived in Paris, London and Florence now settled down in Zurich, Switzerland.
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Hyvaa huomentaa, Katja. I was born in Helsinki too but left when really little.
Finnish is beyond me now, although I will always be proud of my birth country. (Cool...highest per capita internet usage.)

My parents were academes and their work took our family to South America, where I spent my childhood. After research years in many countries and summers in Europe, Dad took a tenured position at....K.U.!

A nice progressive college town, but I still craved the exotic so I escaped to college in Hawaii....and stayed. It's lovely here. Katja, if your travels ever bring you to Hawaii, let me know. BTW I have cousins in Helsinki and Porvoo. Hyvaa paiva, aloha and choos!
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Kalena...Lucky you live Hawaii! I lived there for ten years - it is still in my blood...

I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and lived there for six whole months.

Now I live in Worthington, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus.
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Hi Mimi, I too am an New Englander, living in Derry, N.H.
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Jody and Nancy, We're all neighbors, I live in South Orlando near Florida Mall.
Have been here 33 years. Came from Ohio.
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Born and raised in the Detroit metro area, college too.
After spending the last several years working in the San Francisco, CA Bay area we moved to Colorado last fall. Starting to think of moving back to Michigan to be near all our family... For now I'm enjoying the skiing and natual beauty of Colorado.
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Born in Stuttgart, (when it use to be know as) West Germany - my father was in the Air Force. Grew up in Tampa, Florida and moved to NYC when I was 25. I hope to work / live abroad for a few years of my life - in Central Europe.
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Hello everybody!
Another European speaking:
I was born, raised and still live in Greece (up in the north).
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Hi Deborah. Very nice to make the acquaintence of another St. Paulite! (You may know this already, but I forgot to mention St. Paul's "French Connection". St. Paul was originally called "Pig's Eye", taking its name from Pierre "Pig's Eye" Parrant, a French-Canadian trapper and whiskey trader who moved a group of squatters to a river landing near Fort Snelling in the 1800s. The name changed in 1841 when another Frenchman, a French priest named Father Lucien Galtier, built a log chapel to honor St. Paul.)

Sally, are you implying my sense of humor is akin to the name of the Minnesota state bird? :~)

Joanne, that's funny; there's a similar joke out here in Seattle, about there being four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and road construction. When we were in Sorrento this past April, we met a woman from New York named Nancy Robinson who runs the Grace Gallery in the old part of Sorrento. She told us she fell in love with Sorrento on a visit and vowed one day to return there to live. If you're interested, check out her website at: http://www.gracegallery.it/
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So nice to see that people at this site are from many countries. Usually I visit The Lonely Planet and that seems to be mainly Aussies.

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