where do you live

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Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Moved to Jacksonville, Florida at age 15. Spent four years of college in central Pennsylvania (Penn State). Have been back in Jacksonville for the past few years and am SO ready to move on!
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I live in Thunder Bay,Ontario,Canada.And what a great place to live.
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what a cool thread, everyone wants to say something, but more importantly, everyone wants to read each others' story. Well spotted.

I'm from Sydney, and have been stuck in Frankfurt for two years, after Bielefeld, Hannover and London.

It would be really cool for people to be able to ask others where to go and what to do in a given city or town - if they give their consent.

You have mine.
Happy travelling
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Born in San Fracisco, grew up across the Bay in Berkeley and Oakland, lived there and nearby in Santa Cruz until six years ago...been in Manhattan for the past six years and at least four more. Eventually will move back to the Bay Area, though.
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Born in Joplin, Missouri
Raised in Boston, Massachusetts
Now living in Alexandria, Virginia just outside of Washington, D.C.

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Just the reverse of Caitlin. Born in New York, New York. Grew up in Pennsylvania, uni in D.C., lived a long time in Chicago then LA and now Palo Alto. Don't know where I want to end up, but for sure, somewhere in California. Lived a bit in Barrow in Furness, northern England!! Husband has close relatives in Tuscany so that feels like a second home.
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Born in Mexico but lived in the Windy City (Chicago) all my life.
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mimi taylor
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For Peter from Sidney: I think that is wonerful but if someone does not give their true email like you and I do, than it is hit and miss when the thread goes to the bottom. I don't have a printer but some posters have been very generous sending me printouts.And this is a good time to thank them. They know who they are. I woill not name them because I don't want to promote a buddy clubby atmosphere and want to make all new comers to the site feel welcome, because I had problen
ms here in the beginning. Everyone who has responded to this site has been so loving, eager when you read all

This has been a wonderful response from people who really CARE about other people, which enriches their travel experiences. And for you ,
PETER FROM SIDNEY-the idea is great but is someone does not give their real email address like we do, than you must wait for a post and it may sink to the bottom.I am going this weekend to see two Koala bears on tempoary laon to our Museum. I will think of you.

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Born, raised and live in Long Island,
New York, but I can't wait to see Europe,Israel,Egypt,Alaska,Hawaii, California and Colorado
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What's this got to do with travel? and who cares? ????
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Thank you for the internet site. Scanned it quickly and will most certainly go back and browse it more thoroughly. Recognized several places in Sorrento in the photos.

I remember once years ago on our way to a dog show (we used to show Afghan Hounds) in Mt. Baker we passed through Seattle. We stopped for gas and it was pouring rain. One of the locals commented that we were a day late and missed it, summer was yesterday!

Doubt my dream of living in Sorrento will ever come to pass. Young in spirit but I'm afraid we are too old to make such a move. We certainly will go there at every opportunity though!!

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Well the thread went a long way before the unpleasantness hit!
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And we can all see who it came from, naturally it would be her
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North Finchley, London, England.

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troll watcher
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Hey, Bjorn,
Where do you really live?
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I have been on a rampage and raping since age six. It is somthing in our water.
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Let's get back on track here!

Born and spent childhood in Melbourne, Australia. Lived a short time in Hamburg, Germany. Then lived Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and am back in Sydney (for good we hope!).
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Los Angeles (Culver City really) then Oregon, then LA again, then Oregon again (ALW - Beavers & Ducks both ranked? Are we dreaming?) then San Francisco, then Seattle, then Edinburgh and points Euro, then Alaska, then Seattle. I will need a couple of extra lifetimes in order to live everywhere I'd like. Also more money. Can anyone help?
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Erica B
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I'm amazed by the number of non-Americans on this website - it's great to see such a broad community represented on this board! I myself am born and still living in (gulp!) NJ, the only U.S. state that continues to draw laughs and groans (though quite lovely if you get out of the Newark Airport area!!)
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Are you for sale???????????????

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