where do you live

Old Aug 19th, 2001, 12:33 PM
Santa Chiara
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Born in a tiny town in West Texas. Lived all over Texas for the first half century of my life (and no where else). Moved to Italy two-and-half years ago. Can't see ever going back permanently.
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Born in Boston & raised in Quincy, MA.

Have lived in Dallas, TX for past 20 years. And don't blame Dubya on me ! Did not vote for him.

Santa Chiara - I'd love to follow your path. Moving to Italy sounds very tempting.
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Hi, Everyone...

Born and raised in New Jersey, Then moved to Boca Raton, Florida.
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I was born in San Francisco, CA and raised on the peninsula (about 15 miles south of SF). Lived there for my first 25 years before moving north to Eugene, Oregon. I've been here for almost 5 years now.

Who knows where I'll be next...

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Just topping!
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and thank you, Ursula for topping this.
I was born in Gelnhausen, Germany, 45 km northeast of Frankfurt. After living in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, London and Christchurch, NZ I came back to my hometown and work in Frankfurt.


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well I live in Stamford Connecticut and I was born in Greenwich Connecticut ( yes the town that keeps it's beaches closed to the public and hates powerball lines ) My husband was born in Kerala INdia and spent 17 years in The UAE.
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Born in Long Beach, CA. Moved to Houston, Tx. in early teens..now living in Austin, Tx. the past 12 years.
My final years (long time from now I hope) I'll be living on a beach somewhere...
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Born in Buffalo NY; presently living in Southern New Jersey (seven miles from Philadelphia).
In between: Quebec City, New Rochelle NY, Toronto (college/university); Winston-Salem NC; Montebello (near Los Angeles) CA; Yonkers NY.
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Born: Hope, Arkansas (although I don't usually tell that many people)

Live currently: Littleton, Colorado

Also, lived Louisiana and Texas (both as a child)
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Born: Tennessee.

My family moved to Texas when I was a baby and I lived there most of my life. We spent a total of 5 years in Bombay, India during my childhood . Got the travel bug then when my parents took us back and forth to the US via Europe, Asia, etc.on home leave.

Home now: Durango, Colorado.
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Born in Baltimore; presently in MD, outside Washington, DC; in between, lived in Kanehoe, Oahu, HI; Norfolk and Quantico, VA; and Albany, GA (all Marine bases).
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Born: Summit, NJ
Raised and still live in the same house in tiny Fanwood, NJ. (Mooching off the parents for now).
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hi mimi and all posters,

born and reared in hawaii, now live just outside london, though looking to move somewhere without such a cold winter (after 7 years on/off in england, still not used to it getting dark at 4pm in winter!) wht atruly global site this is!

to travellyn, living in durango...lucky. went there last year, just loved it.
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I live in a "Mayberry'" type town called Los Altos in California, located next to Palo Alto(Stanford University)Moved here 5 years ago just in time for the dot-com BOOM.
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I was born in Roswell, New Mexico. Now live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. In between, lived in Pittsburgh and Greensburg, Pennsylvania, South Bend, Indiana and suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Colorado is the best!
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I was born in Manarola(Cinque Terre.Italy), I've lived (to study)in Edimburgh,London and Florence(six years).I like meeting people fron foreign country and organize travel in Italy.
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I was born in Santa Clara, CA and now live in Florence, Italy.
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I was born and live in San Sebastian, Spain. Lived for 1 year in Vail, CO.
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Born Rochdale, Lancashire,UK in 1947. I wouldn't be surprised if I am, dare I say it, the oldest person on this thread. As a 2 year old moved to Adelaide, Sth Aust, with my parents. Lived there for 50 years, relocated to Darwin, NT three years ago. Making a trip back to the UK next August for the first time.

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