Watch Your Step. Not!

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Watch Your Step. Not!

We spent 4 lovely weeks in Paris in December. I intended to write a trip report but due to a run in with a marble walk I am minimally, temporarily disabled. Well actually, I have a brace on my typing, and more importantly, eating hand.

This is just a bit of our trip but I did want folks going to Paris to have a clue about the people they might be coming into contact with. We stayed in an apartment close to Montorgueil. That deserves a whole other chapter, such good things to eat.

We were in our fourth week. I had been bragging (the first clue trouble was on the horizon) that I was doing so well with the metro, bus, and museum steps. Never missed a step on the sidewalks or streets. Our last Friday we headed out to visit the Passage Vivienne. Only a few feet in my husband said to watch my step and I didn't. I missed a step and fell onto the floor and the marble wall. I managed to roll over evidently because I had bruises everywhere later. Before I knew what had happened there were people everywhere trying to help. Chairs appeared, a glass of water, and disinfectant from a shopkeeper. One couple spoke English and helped me figure out what was injured, besides my dignity. I'm a retired nurse and actually mentally did a head to toe assessment. After a few minutes only my left arm and right hand seemed to be an issue. I overlooked the blood streaming from my mouth. That turned out be a lacerated lip. I refused an ambulance and we walked back to our apartment. In retrospect a taxi would have been a good idea but we were close. I know I didn't thank everyone adequately although I think my husband tried.

We arrived at our apartment, called our landlord who called around and made an appointment at a clinic. Arrived at the clinic looking a little worse for the wear. By this time bruises were appearing on my face. Husband said not to worry about the one my chin - just looks like a big mole. OK I feel better. The staff was great. My little bit of French had disintegrated but everyone managed to get the info they needed. A cute Xray tech kept giggling when I said elbow. Radiologist talks to us, need to get a CT of the elbow, just a little crack. The CT place is down the street to the left. I know my droit from my gauche but must not looked like it because the doctor said to follow him. In the rain escorted us down the street to the CT place. The CT place said we needed to see a surgeon and called one. The clerk walked us to a taxi and off we go. Sometime between the fall and doctor in the rain I had entered the twilight zone so nothing seemed unusual. We arrive on a dark street in the 11th, down several halls to a yellow door. In we go to a cheery, older surgeon who looked at the xrays and my poor extremities. Said he had seen thousands like that. Called a pharmacy with an order for a hand brace and a medication. I'm hoping for Xanex at this point. Down we go to the pharmacy. Pharmacist standing at the ready with my brace. He puts it on and gives me my meds (an anti-inflammatory made from pineapple extract). They get us back to the clinic with the surgeon and call a taxi and soon we are home.

I am still mad at myself for falling but grateful to everyone who came to my aid. One of the souvenirs from the trip is the antiseptic bottle from the shopkeeper. We're looking forward to our next trip. Everyone we encountered were cordial and helpful. Paris is an amazing city.
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Oh, what a story! Obviously it is a shame that this happened, but an amazing number of people seem to have positive memories of their emergency care in Paris, so I am glad that all went well for you.
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Sorry you fell but nice to know that help was so great.
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Ouch so sorry.

As always impressed with stories of French emergency care.
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So we figured out why the technician was laughing: Elle Beau ... Cute Story , we also have found all Parisians helpful and courteous. We are going to Paris this December and I am hoping you post more about your trip and the weather. Hope you are back on the mend...
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Sorry this happened -- a good thing it was at the end of your trip instead of the beginning and that everyone was so helpful. We've found that the case too; our experience has been that so many people are eager to help.
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Oh, I fell and broke my left wrist on via Condotti in Rome, stepping away from the windows in front of Bulgari.

They took me inside, gave me a water, and off I went to an exhibit I had tickets for. All we stopped for was an elastic bandage at the farmacia.

At the museum, the super handsome guards were so nice to me, got me water, etc. when they saw me sit down and nurse my wrist.

But silly me, I never saw the doctor because we were leaving the next day. Much doctoring when I got home.

So sorry about your injury.
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Sorry this happened.. but glad it sounded like you were well taken care of by the cold Parisians. .. lol( jk)

Did you have medical insurance or did you have to pay out of pocket?
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OMG, ceeast -- you certainly have a story for friends and family!

I offer my sincere commendations -- you somehow made this misadventure into something that sounds like an interesting and not entirely unpleasant foray into the world of French medicine. Kudos for finding a way to approach it with humor and perspective!

Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, and thanks so much for this report!
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Sorry about the fall but glad you have good memories of the people who helped you. Hope you heal up quickly and are out and about traveling again soon.
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A cute Xray tech kept giggling when I said elbow

Mispronounced, the French word for elbow may sound like some private male body part (in very vulgar slang)
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Glad you are recovering snd your story may help put a end to the tales of rude unhelpful Parisians. We have never been so kindly treated and helped in any other place!
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My goodness, so glad you are OK and that you were well taken care of while in France (I will probably never say the word elbow in France again, just to be on the safe side). I haven't gone down yet but have been close...I imagine this happens more than you think!
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Oh LOL about el Beau!
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