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  • Last trip
    august 2015
  • Next trip
    May-June 2016, London, Greece (Mykonos, Naxos) Mallorca, Dublin, Paris, and Amsterdam..
  • Favorite destinations
    Europe in spring summer fall.. and mayan riveria in winter . New favorite place is Naxos Greece! ria or hawaii in winter!
  • Destination wishlist
    Back to France and Spain, and finally a return to Greece! Egypt one day when they calm down!
  • Best travel tip
    Do your homework,, what you don't know can add dollars and hassles to your trip.
  • Favorite hotel
    Not telling don't want it busy! lol
  • Favorite restaurant
    Proas in Cala D'Or Spain,
  • Never travels without
    Debit and credit card...and I bring my own otc meds.. don't want to look for an open drugstore at 3 am.. .lol
  • All-time best travel moment
    Arriving in Tossa de Mar Spain and going out onto our hotel balcony and seeing the medival fort to our left, the ocean and beach in front of us, and rocky hills to right, breathtaking.
  • Interests and hobbies
    Travel, doing it, researching it, talking and reading about it.. lol .
    My kids and hubby( this comes under interests) .. and finally homeless, mentally ill and drug addicts.. just have a heart for them. Do not believe anyone except pedophiles and serial murderers are a waste of breath..
  • Quote
    Do it now, later may be too late.
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