Delta changing transatlantic flights

Apr 15th, 2003, 03:04 PM
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How about United? Are they cancelling any flights yet?
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Apr 15th, 2003, 04:42 PM
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cl2paris: I too am booked on Continental to Paris in May. About a month ago they sent me an e-mail offering an "alert" service which would notify me in case of a flight change. I signed up and just yesterday received an alert telling me my original flight was cancelled and I was put on an earlier flight leaving the same day. I went on line and changed my seat from the one they assigned me. It was handled well. Inquire about this e-mail alert service and you won't have to keep checking.
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Apr 15th, 2003, 05:05 PM
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Silivia: I took your advice, checked my intinerary AND it was changed and no one called or e-mailed me! I just got rebooked through Atlanta/Paris/Nice. She did not even do capacity controls(FF tickets)to get me on a flight! There must be all types of confusion in the frindly skies. I thought I was going to have a conniption fit. The agent was very nice and understanding and we are set to go. Whew... I won't believe it till I am on the plane. Judy ;-/
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Apr 15th, 2003, 07:20 PM
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Just had my travel agent check Delta from Atlanta to Milan in June and no changes yet. She said Delta will notify agents if there are changes. If you are on a rigid schedule this can be a major pain in the ***.
What do you do if they change your return trip and there is no easy way to check on changes while traveling in Europe.
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Apr 15th, 2003, 07:31 PM
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I'm renting a global cell phone just for this reason. Today when I changed my flight I asked if I could give them a number since I'll be all over the place for two weeks and they "said" they will call the number if there are changes. I'm thinking about changing back to the flight they originally re-booked me on - Monday leaving out of Venice, instead of Sunday. But, I'm worried they may cancel the Monday flight also and then I'm in big trouble.
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Apr 15th, 2003, 08:28 PM
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Thanks Wags - I decided to get a full refund and I booked a flight with NWA. It turned out to be a better itinerary, so I'm happy about. Next I book Continental, I'll be sure to sign up for the e-mail alert.
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Apr 16th, 2003, 05:44 AM
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Hey everyone- thanks for the info re: Delta. In checked my itinerary online, and had to call Delta. It seems that my flight to Rome from JFK in May " no longer exsists"! What a great phrase. Took a while to get to Delta, but got a roundabout flight to Florence!! Check out your reservations!
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Apr 16th, 2003, 05:50 AM
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That is too bad that Delta has axed their non-stop flight to Venice. There was something absoultely magical about leaving NYC and 8 hours later arrive in Venice.
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Apr 16th, 2003, 05:53 AM
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FYI: in my FF intinerary, they had a notation to "contact Delta". Trie to get through, and it took about 20 minutes of busy signals. Judy
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Apr 16th, 2003, 07:54 AM
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Delta has done it again to us. My return from Nice has been changed three times, the latest was yesterday.
When I checked their website for my intinary, I found that I had no seat assignments. When I contacted them for seat assignments, they tried to put me in row 23 and my wife in row 29-This is for an August 17th return. My reservations were made 11 months in advance!
Apr 16th, 2003, 08:01 AM
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Delta, for the entire month of May, appears to have reduced its daily flights from the US to Italy from five to one!!!!!!!!!!! (ATL-MXP remains). However, their schedules show complete restoration of all five flights (including JFK-VCE) beginning in June. In the meantime, they are relying on the code share with Alitalia.
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Apr 16th, 2003, 08:32 AM
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Yes, yesterday when I talked to Delta they had only 2 flights on my day of travel in May. ATL-FCO (Rome) and JFK-FCO (code share with Alitalia) which was full. We've had our flights changed twice and now can't even sit together.
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Apr 16th, 2003, 09:08 AM
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All of the airlines are facing the same situation-between SARS and the Iraqi situation there has been a great reduction in bookings for the month of May. Also combine it with certain airplanes being taken out and "loaned" to the US government for troop deployment and it creates major havoc for passengers and crewmembers alike!I have heard that for the month of June there is high hope for some sort of regular scheduling to come back. Hang in there-we are all having our share of changes.
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Apr 16th, 2003, 05:53 PM
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What a mess. Delta cancelled our Venice-JFK flight. Yesterday had us on a 19 Hour marathon Venice-Paris, Paris-Boston, Boston-LGA for May. Today I cancelled that one and now we are on Venice-Paris, Paris-JFK all on Air France. BUT, we had to sacrifice one day in Venice and leave a day early. Has anyone gone Paris JFK on Air France??
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Apr 24th, 2003, 01:37 PM
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To put all this changing simply, THIS SUCKS! From a southern girl that means it!
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Apr 24th, 2003, 02:43 PM
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Well, yes, it does suck. And things will really suck for the Delta employees who will be out of work if their employer does not manage to ride out this mess. I live in Atlanta and believe me, Delta's going under would represent a huge blow to the economy here.

I flew one of the last flights (possibly THE last flight) out of JFK into Venice earlier this month, and it was absolutely deserted: pretty much everybody had a row to themselves.

The more of us who book for travel in June and July the sooner the flights will be back on line.
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Apr 24th, 2003, 04:31 PM
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Wow, glad to see that I'm not the only one having problems with Delta. I called 7 days prior to my flight to request a bulkhead seat and was told that my flight had been cancelled weeks ago. I asked if I was going to be contacted and they told they would eventually contact me. They offered me 1 alternative flight which was unacceptable. Customer Service was very unhelpful and couldn't get me onto any of the code share flights that it shares with Air Italia. So, we booked directly with Air Italia and are getting a refund from Delta. While I used to be a dedicated Delta customer I will try to avoid them at all costs from here on based on the service and lack of notification. There must be just too many airlines out there if they think they can treat their customers this way.
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