attire in Madrid

Mar 1st, 2004, 02:11 AM
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Well, I'm sorry but we aren't talking about a "Muslim country" and I think you'll find that folks in Madrid will be dressed for comfort. Some may or may not be dressed in shorts. If they are, are you going to get upset? If you are uncomfortable in what you wear is anyone else going to feel sorry for you?
If you are worried about "fitting in" and believe me with those non-European shoes you'll have on you WON'T or are you smart enough to dress nicely and also comfortably.

I'd love to see what kinds of clothes some of these Fodors "fashion police" people wear when THEY actually get off their butts and go somewhere besides the Safeway and their keyboards.
Mar 1st, 2004, 04:49 AM
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I'll echo Kate but don't agree about M-Kingdom.
He/she is indulging in the good old British custom of taking the p---. Think Ann Robinson and imagine every M-Kingdom post to be followed by a wink. BTW, what has happened to our old friend Uncle Sam?
Mar 1st, 2004, 05:00 AM
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treysgranny and others
I am sorry for disturbing your chat and going back to the original question.
Madrid as well said in some posts is a dressy city and people don't sunbath in the central parks like in some Northen European cities.Probably it is too hot to do so.
During the month of August there is somehow a more relaxed dressing code, vacation and heat.
Shorts should be avoid in churches and crowded public transportation in both cases for obvious reasons. Otherwise dress as you wish and enjoy your time in Madrid.
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Mar 1st, 2004, 10:10 AM
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Hmmm...let's see you wear a sports coat with slacks and then IF it gets hot you "sling" the sports coat over your shoulder?

And...your 2004 travel fashion advice: wear a WHITE long sleeve shirt and...loose slacks...

Hopscotch: SIGH...your fashion sense is making me jealous and is setting the TRAVEL FASHION idustry on fire...

Boy, are you hot stuff or what?

Oh my, you ARE a stylish, up-to-date,
fashionable (drum roll) "It" guy...

All Fodor folks BLUSH! Wink...

I bow at your "GQ" feet but, let me get one of my servants to help me with that...

Hopscotch, please stop drinking that "haterade"... you might spill it on your little white shirt and then what on earth would you wear while you travel?

As Fodors will surely pull this thread I
implore you to not be so ridiculous, vicious, jealous and petty.

You kinda sound like a girl...

You do not travel in my circles so you are not educated or exposed to the many American women and some men who do travel and take trips as I do...

I am sure you are hurt because women like me well, we just NEVER even give folks like you the time of day, nor will we share our train space or any space beside cyberspace with YOU...

I extend my Manolo to you...don't drool...

Oaktown Traveler

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