Surgery at Bumrungrad?

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Hi Muffina,

I am sorry for not responding sooner. I wuld like to go to Bangkok for surgeries, however, August '06 would be too soon for me financially. One needs to take in consideration the airfare (approx. 1100.00) per person, by Thaiair...the new airbuses are very comfortable an can take 4 to 5 hours off your flight....then there hotel can stay at Bumrungrad after youtr surgeries at an apartment(bumrungrad apartments) they are attached to the hospital for convienence.. (35.-300.00 per day which every room you choose)then once you feel you are more can move across the street to the Zenith Hotel for afew days, (somewhere around 50-80. per night...then rest at a beach fron hote, or sightsee..You will need to'll have you energy spirts, so you want to see the sight, but also keep in mine that it is stil surgery and you need to rest.. OUT OF THE SUN !!!.
So muffina..I need to plan for 2007 or so, because tummy tucks and boob and lots of lipo are my goal, and even though surgeries are less expensive there, travel, hotel, food, add up.
Also, Bangkok, I here is brutally hot and humid in august...I was planning, a trip after the new year holiday...prices seem to drop, according to recent threads I have read.
So, unfortunately, this upcoming august would be too soon for me....
Are you researching hospitals, and surgeons yet? I have read alot of wonderful things, and sucess stories about Dr. Amoorn Poomee, chief if staff of Bumrungrad, as well a renound surgeon at Bumrungrad Nursing Hospital. Both are American trained and certified, and did their residencies here in the US. I have this doctors info somewhere in my files, If you are interested in more info I will post if for still need to do your homework and make surgical decisions for yourself...I am just giving info I have found. I hope this response will of luck....china105
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Hello, I have been to Bumrungrad many times and I am always very satisfied with their services. Getting appointments are VERY fast and you really can't beat the price. The staff is professional and very friendly. I would recommend the Ambassador hotel in BKK if you want to stay near the hospital. Ambassador is on Soi 11-13 and you can go thru and get a great discount on the rooms. I would recommend the Deluxe Tower Wing rooms. I've never been disappointed there (over 10 trips). I've had dental work done and laser surgery, laser hair removal done.
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Hello China105! This is the 1st time I've ever joined a board. I too am planning the exact same treatments as yours at Bumrungrad! What a relief to stumble upon your posts. My initial consultation in a US major metropolitan city brought more questions than answers for these same procedures. The US plastic surgeon said that he himself would do a 10 hour surgery to include breast lift (possible implants, tummy-tuck, lipo on abdomen, and rear waist area). When I asked which hospital he uses he says he rents out a surgical suite and I would recover nearby. It sounded so strange and desolate and when I asked how much he said around US $20K the costs of which did not include that for anesthesia, medications, pre and post-op exams.

Well, this was all a bit vague, and I reconsidered using this doctor. However, I had resigned myself that someday I would just have to fly to Beverly Hills and find a world famous doctor and start the whole process anew and spend tons of cash to boot! And then came my exposure to the CBS 60 Minute piece about "Spa-Vacations"...and hear I am!

I too am hopeful that December 2006 or 1st Part of 2007 would be a good time to schedule surgery. I also fear that price and access may become an issue if I postpone the procedures much longer. Yet, I haven't gotten to the point of viewing before & after Photos or deciding on a physician on the Bumrungrad team(can one request a specific physician?) - What I did do was schedule an appointment online with Bumrungrad Hospital. It took the staff about 30 days to respond. I guess I got busy with other things and never followed up. But it was good to know that it may take that long to get an appointment when one is outside the country. I had already decided I would reserve 30 Days from start to Recoup (the last week in Phuket, maybe).

So Dear China, please let me know what more you have found and what your final budget is as I have to give an accounting to my wonderful husband who says I am gorgeous just as I am and canít understand my desire to have an operation that would make me feel fit and get rid of some of the excess. Am I off to say that US $12K is around what travel, surgery, food, care, hospital stay, residence housing, and simple vacationing plans should cover?

Thanks So Much & I Look Forward to Your Reply.
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China -- I had cosmetic surgery at Bumrungrad last December -- neck lift, tummy tuck and eyelid surgery. The cost was phenomental -- much less than cost here. I can't find anything negative to say about the experience.

The hospital is great! All the nurses -- RNs -- wear white (quite a change from places here) and are dedicated to patient care. The charges include 1 night in the hospital, which included fresh flowers in my room each morning. No, I didn't have a royal suite!!!!!! Just a plain room!!!!!!

My surgery was done by Dr. Tongtip. She is a FACS, practices in US for 30+ years and then returned to Thailand. She is not only an efficient surgeon, but a very nice and concerned lady.

So far as accommodations -- Bumrungrad has serviced apartments available for patients. They are very clean and service is "over the top," though they are not opulent like some of the local hotels. But, then, their prices are not like some of the local hotels. Check it out through
and look first at International Patients and then residences. The Hospitality Suites are newer, but a few Bahts more.

Last year, we stayed at the Residences for a couple of weeks -- until released by doctor -- and then went to the Marriott S & R to recuperate. It was very nice and suited my purpose without going south. I don't like sand!!!!!!!!

I am going back again this year in December and plan to have liposuction, again with Dr. Tongtip, and am staying at the Hospitality Suites. I am also planning to have some dental work done while there and my husband is having a two-day physical exam. We are going about 10 days before scheduled surgery in order to see more of Thailand and Cambodia, and then will stay about two weeks after surgery -- going at a slightly slower pace. However, if you don't plan to stay as long as we did, two weeks is probably long enough to recover enough to travel. You can reach me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Guenmai: Did I read that you will be in Bangkok in December, 2006? We are arriving on December 21 and will be staying @ the BIH Hospitality Suites. E-mail me @ above address and maybe we can plan to meet for drinks.

Good luck, China! You will be pleased with surgery @ BIH.

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Guess I overlooked a lot -- like the dates on the posts. Since most of these were in 2005, I was a little late. However, I stand by my post -- Bumrungrad was good to and for me, and I am going back in December with more surgery scheduled for January 2007.

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Nonetheless, we are glad to hear your report about surgery at Bumrungrad. We had dental appointments there last year and will do so again this year.
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Thanks for posting this-I have also been looking at this option (although in a few years). If you decide to use Bumrungrad, please post and let us know how it went.
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I’ve been considering to have my plastic surgery done in Bangkok. Does Bumrungrad Hospital is still one of the top ones? I’ve heard about Yanhee Hospital, PAI Aesthetic and Bangkok Plastic Surgery and they have many good reviews too. Have anyone had experienced with one of these hospitals before? Would be good to hear your stories. Thank you in advance!
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I can't speak for any of these but I can tell you that my wife was treated below in 2013 for a terrible GI bug and her care was excellent and I am speaking as an RN with 36 yrs. experience in the field the last 24 of which was at a major teaching hospital in Chicago.
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at the end of the day it is important to remember that if there are ANY problems that present after the procedure and when you get home - you re on your own....the chances of ref=dress are virtually nil and you could end up spending a fortune to get stuff fixed by a Doc at home.
Your risk but the stakes are very high.
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