What to wear on a long plane trip

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What to wear on a long plane trip

I am flying to New York, and then from there to London. then taking the chunnel to Paris then from paris, we are going back to New York, and back home I am only taking a carry on and one actual piece of luggage. This is going to be my first time flying, and I don't know what to wear. I am 15, and will be leaving July 19! So if anyone can help, Thanks!
Oh and we will be flying Delta!
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You want something comfortable, both for clothes and shoes.

Just pick something like you'd wear around on weekends, if that's jeans, sneakers, whatever. Stretchy things like leggings or tshirts are comfortable. It's good to have a lightweight jacket, sweater, or hoodie along in case the plane's cold.

Another thing I think about is wearing my heavier or bulkier items on the plane ride, the ones that would take up the most room in my suitcase. So I'd pack my sandals and wear my sneakers, for example.
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I see 15 yr old girls wearing flip flops, short shorts and sleeveless t-shirts on flight to Europe all the time.

Many end up freezing cold on the plane, so I recommend to definitely wear a hoodie. Long pants would be good too - you can save room in your carryon by wearing them for the trip over.

I agree with suze to wear sneakers or walking shoes, or at a minimum walking sandals, but I also understand that flip flops are standard & maybe only footwear for many teens these days, and kids seem to do fine on cobblestone streets of Europe.
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I agree. Avoid the hot pants on the plane. Few airlines provide socks, so bring or wear them. The last thing you want to deal with in Europe is a cold.
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I know flip flops are popular and definitely take a pair or two. But you want to have at least one other kind of shoe for walking in Europe. Converse or Pumas both seem popular and would be practical.

In answering above, I was thinking of what I saw people your age wearing on the plane last month on my trip to Mexico. Seemed most were in jeans (skinny or not), double layered tank/tshirts, some kind of jacket, flips or sneakers, small backpack as carryon.
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Wardrobe for your flight-
pants with socks and whatever heavier shoes you don't want to pack.Add a t shirt with a sweatshirt,coat or sweater-window seats on a flight are always cold along with door exits on a night flight.
As for what to wear in Europe-DON'T pack the cheap rubber flipflops. You will find that they don't hold up on the pavement;you have a really great chance of spraining your ankle and they look really cheesy overseas.
I would pack Tshirts and add a cute cotton scarf to wear with them and jeans or capris. Short shorts are not really worn in London and Paris unless you are adding the usual UK black tights underneath.
I work as an international flight attendant and I cannot even begin to tell you what people wear on flights and then complain about being cold.Some of the clothing that I have seen on under 20's on the flights and in major cities of Europe always makes me wonder?
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Rubber flip-flops look cheesy everywhere, not just overseas.
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I generally wear yoga pants, a tee, and a thin fleece sweatshirt - and tennis shoes with good socks. Loungey and comfortable, but reasonably presentable. Stretchy with the ability to layer is the key - some planes are cold, some are very warm. If you don't wear shoes that need socks, then bring a pair in your handbag - I always take my shoes off on the plane and it is nice to have comfy socks to put on.
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You will find people on the plane dressed in all sorts of clothes so don't panic and think you'll stand out. Just wear comfy clothes. Some planes get a little hot or chilly so be prepared to either put something on or take it off. I usually wear yoga pants with an elastic waist and a casual but smart looking sweater with a dressy t-shirt. I usually wear sandals or thongs (fancy glittery ones.. not the cheapo rubber ones that everyone is condeming above me) that I can take on and off quickly, but your feet can get cold. (I usually use a blanket) Nothing worse than having to put your shoes on all the time to go to the bathroom.
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I either wear yoga pants (or these) with a t-shirt and windbreaker (nothing dressy at all), and closed shoes -- my feet would freeze on most airplanes if I weren't wearing socks and shoes.

These are actually my new "go-to" vacation pants (I have them in three neutral colors):

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Don't wear saggy pants. There was an article today about a man who wore saggy pants, and they wouldn't let him board unless he pulled them up. He apparently became mouthy and ended up getting arrested for trespassing on the plane and assaulting a police officer.
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Leggings or yoga pants - don't wear anything too low rise because when you slide down in your seat to sleep, too much of your lower bits get exposed to the airplane seat - scratchy and not terribly attractive. If you decide to wear pants, pick a pair that have a little lycra for comfort, but not too much (otherwise you'll feel like a stuffed sausage). Jeans, unless they're super-comfortable, are usually hot and heavy.

I usually wear a tshirt or tank top with another layer on top. That allows me to adjust for temperature.

Pick clothes that won't look gross after travelling for 15 hours. White is a bad idea (what if you spill something?) Anything too crisp is also bad because you'll get wrinkly. Pure black can pick up a lot of lint. I usually go with greys, khakis and colours.

Wear socks. You'll have to take your shoes off in airports and it's icky to wander around barefoot. Consider packing an extra pair of loose socks to wear on the plane, so you can take off your shoes and walk around (but you wouldn't want to put those socks back into your shoes - blech).

Wear comfortable shoes - maybe the largest pair you're packing (e.g., runners or ankle boots), so you'll have more room for luggage. But they should be shoes that you're 100% sure won't cause blisters and they should be a bit loose, because your feet swell on the plane.

Don't wear your favourite outfit on the plane, because after an overnight flight and a chunnel trip, it will be grungy and possibly not your favourite outfit anymore. Save your favourite outfit for your second or third day in Europe.

Empty out your purse and carry on and leave behind all the unnecessary bits. You'd be surprised how much a pocketful of change, extra pieces of paper, and random cosmetics can add up to in terms of weight.
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Frog - Trust me.. my yoga pants are not low rise!
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Be sure to wear slip-on shoes for going through security, as you'll have to take them off.
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If you must have a pair of jeans, wear them. If they are tight, you will suffer. But jeans are heavy and bulky to pack if you are surviving on a single carry-on. Blends offer the best combo of ease and lightness. Wear sturdy walking shoes (yes I know how fuddy-duddy I sound) because you will need their support when touring. Black runners are best because they can pass as a bit more formal, especially if you are a guy. Shoes are the heaviest item to pack. Wear a light shirt aboard with a sweater over your shoulders in case the cabin gets chilly. No atheletic wear; no yoga pants or hoodies in particular. Everything you wear aboard should be versatile enough to wear later to a decent restaurant. You're smart to go to Europe; you might as well look smart too without sacrificing any youthful fun.
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