Standby Flights

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Standby Flights

Why don't any airlines do standby flights anymore to fill empty seats? Just wondering. Thanks
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scotto..I guess I have missed something in that I have not heard of "standby" being eliminated.Most of the inexpensive fares out there allow you to standby for earlier/later flights on the same day youj are ticketed for, without penalty.With Southwest, you can standby for any flight.However, you must pay the difference between the walk up fare and the fare you paid, but no fee to change.I have a friend who went to LAX yesterday to standby for the same glight she was ticketed for today.Delta wanted $400 extra for a ticket she paid $125 in the first place.I havent seen anything about doing away with standby.
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I'm little confused about your reply. AFAIK there is no charge for fare difference when you standby for earlier/later flight on the same day.

General advice: Standingby for later flight is always risky. If you don't get on and the clock hits midnight, you are SOL. Most economy tickets become worthless at that point.
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AAFF.....The fare difference applies with Southwest.They essentially have NO standby..You can go to the airport but if there is any fare difference in the fare you paid originally and the walk up fare which essentially would be the aplicable fare for that particular flight, then you pay it.A quirk with Southwest.I hope this helps.
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BeachBoi's correct, basically Southwest doesn't allow standby. What they do is re-ticket you at the full fare, applying your original ticket funds without penalty. I've had to do this a couple of times in the past. Luckily the fare difference on Southwest is usually not that great.
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Many years ago, before deregulation, there were Standby fares which were quite cheap. If I recall, you paid the fare and got basically an open flight ticket. Show up at the airport and, if seats were available after all paying customers were on, you got the seat.

Was terrific for poor college students who didn't care what time they got home and didn't want to hitch 500 miles or more.
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Got it!

Didn't know that about Southwest.

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NoFlyZone -- yes, I remember my military discount standby, which was 50% off. And only once did I not get a flight.

But then, I see that I often can get flights from ALB to ORD or Midway for about the same as my mil-standby cost in 1971
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Because the majority of the flights are full due to cheap airfares!
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Perhaps the Department of Homeland Security will not let all those people (who do not have tickets to fly) through security to wait around the gates.


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