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Georgia's lush barrier islands meander down the Atlantic coast from Savannah to the Florida border. Notable for their subtropical beauty and abundant wildlife, the isles strike a unique balance between some of the country's wealthiest communities and some of its most jealously protected nature preserves. Until recently, large segments of the coast were in private hands, and as a result much of the region remains as it was when the first Europeans set eyes on it 450 years ago. Though the islands have long been a favorite getaway of the rich and famous, they no longer cater only to the well heeled.


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Hotels run the gamut from Victorian mansions to Spanish-style bed-and-breakfasts to some of the most luxurious hotel/spa accommodations found more


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Things To Do in The Coastal Isles and the Okefenokee

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The Coastal Isles and the Okefenokee Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Saltwater marshes: Fringing the coastline, waist-high grasses transform both sunlight and shadow with their lyrical textures and shapes.... Read more

  • Georgia's Coastal Isles Beaches

    Remote and largely untouched, the beaches on Georgia's barrier islands sit at the confluence of rich salt marshes and the Atlantic Ocean. Nature-watching... Read more

  • The Geechee, a Culture Apart

    Georgia's Geechee, like the Gullah people of South Carolina, are descendants of African slaves who have preserved a distinct culture and language... Read more

  • Tabby Building Material

    To most of the English-speaking world, the word tabby brings to mind dapple-coated cats, but along the coast of Georgia and South Carolina it... Read more

  • Colonial Coast Birding Trail

    Colonial Coast Birding Trail. Georgia's vast network of rivers, marshes, and barrier islands is an ideal habitat for hundreds of species of birds... Read more

  • Georgia's Black Republic

    After capturing Savannah in December 1864, General William Tecumseh Sherman read the Emancipation Proclamation at the Second African Baptist... Read more

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