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Although the names of its biggest resorts, such as St. Moritz and Davos, register almost automatic recognition, the region wrapped around them remains surprisingly unsung, untouched by the fur-clad celebs who make stages out of its sports centers, aloof to the glamour trends—quirky, resilient, and decidedly set apart.


Graubünden Hotels

Hoteliers in Graubünden invest fortunes in preserving Alpine coziness on both the outside and inside of their lodgings,... read more


Graubünden Restaurants

Thanks to all those tourists, restaurants tend to stay open throughout the day for the hungry visitor. The way to be sure... read more


Graubünden Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go to Graubünden

    Chic, chicer, chicest: From Arosa to Zuoz, every mountain resort is a place to be seen by the ski elite. Sparkling St. Moritz,... Read more

  • Romansh

    The ancient Romansh (literally, "Roman") language is still predominant in the Lower Engadine and Surselva; roughly 30% of Graubünden... Read more

  • Graubünden's Literary Influence

    Nietzsche's famous philosophical work, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, opens its second part with Zarathustra returning to the mountains... Read more

  • The Bells of Chalandamarz

    Old Man Winter is an especially tough customer in Graubünden, but the locals, going back to Roman days, have a one-day festival to spook... Read more

  • The Rhätibahn

    The Rhätibahn (Rhätische Bahn) is not simply a means of transport but a journey that thousands love to experience every year. In July... Read more


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