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Berlin—named not for the German city, but evolving from Burleigh Inn, a Colonial-era way station—is a short drive from Ocean City, yet it could not be more different. Magnolias, sycamores, and ginkgo trees line streets filled with predominantly Federal- and Victorian-style buildings, of which 47 are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Berlin still clings to its now decade-long claim to fame as the principal location for the filming of Runaway Bride, in which several of the town's shops were featured along with the bride's home and half the residents "starred" as extras.

A delightful short-visit destination onto itself, Berlin is also a great break from the hoopla of Ocean City, particularly when inclement weather precludes beach time.

Viewtrail 100, a marked 100-mi biking circuit, runs along less-traveled secondary roads between Berlin and Pocomoke City. For a brochure and map, contact the Worcester County Tourism Office.

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