Best Non-Stops from DC to the Beach

Sure, Washington D.C. is within driving distance of some of the Atlantic Ocean’s best beaches, but tropical getaways are more than a short car ride away. Luckily, you can get to some of the world’s best beaches without putting up with any long layovers.

Best Non-Stops from NYC to the Beach

Tourists seem to love winter in New York—but locals often hatch escape plans to warmer climes. Thankfully, there are non-stop flights to beach destinations in Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Best Non-Stop Trips from Chicago to the Beach

Winters can be brutal in the Windy City. When temperatures drop below zero, locals look for a warmer refuge. The best medicine for a Chicago winter is warm weather and sunshine, and luckily, many destinations fit the bill. Here are our picks for the best nonstop flights from Chicago to the beach.