Think the Best Chocolate Comes From Switzerland? Think Again.

Destinations around the world have various things they are known for. France is known for its champagne, Italy is synonymous with pizza and pasta, and Switzerland is considered the best country for chocolate. But perhaps there is another country that should be known for chocolate. Ghana is the second-largest supplier of cocoa in the world, making … Continued

15 Best Places to Drink Hot Chocolate in America

As the winter months approach and staying warm becomes a priority, there’s no tastier way to beat the cold than with a rich, creamy cup of hot chocolate. Here are the best places in America to get a steaming mug of smooth chocolate.

America’s Best Chocolate Shops

Whether you’re looking for your favorite chocolate treat, or want to tempt your taste buds with something new and exciting, these spots are stocked with irresistible confections that will satisfy your cravings. Check out our top picks.

10 Vacations for Chocolate Lovers

Vacations are a chance to indulge and what better way to truly treat yourself than with chocolate? You can even plan an entire trip around pure, chocolate bliss. We’ve got 10 sweet places you shouldn’t miss.