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St. Louis Cardinals tickets question

Old May 8th, 2001, 03:40 PM
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St. Louis Cardinals tickets question

Does anyone know what kind of availability is usual on the day of the game? This is in particular for a weekend in June against the White Sox. Normally I get tickets ahead and it is no problem, but St. Louis web site and various other tix outfits are charging quite a bit for delivery etc. and seats are top dollar for middling quality.

They have also changed the time of the game on one day from a day to a night game, so if I didn't get good tickets for the first night we're there I could always get them for the next night. We are staying right next to the stadium so it would not be hassle. Should I wait or not take a chance?
Old May 9th, 2001, 04:44 AM
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The Cardinals leave some bleacher seats available for same day purchase only. I think if you get in line about 3 hrs before game time you shouldn't have a problem. I can't remember what gate they sell them at, so you might want to call Busch Stadium.
Old May 9th, 2001, 05:43 AM
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The Cardinals sell more than 3 million tickets every year, so really good seats are usually hard to get at the ticket windows.

That said, it will be much easier to get good seats, for example, for tonight's game or tomorrow's day game, both against Pittsburgh, than it will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday when the Cards play the Cubs, a huge rivalry.

But tickets are always available from scalpers and fans outside the ballpark. Obviously, for example, if you need 4 seats together for the Cubs, you will have a tougher time and pay a lot more than if you need 1 seat for the Pirates.

(If you have a particular date and number of tickets in mind, post it here with your e-mail address. I'm a season ticketholder and may be able to get you tickets at face value.)

As the previous poster said, you can almost always get bleacher seats on the day of the game if you get in line early enough.

Good luck.
Old May 9th, 2001, 07:12 AM
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Thanks everyone. Because they changed the game time on Saturday, we may end up going to that game now instead of Friday's game. I don't think the Sox will be a very big draw, so I'm going to take a chance. Greg, thanks for your offer but if we get another person at the last minute, which may happen, then we would be in the ticket line anyway. And if the tickets that are available are poor, than we will try for better ones at the Sunday day game.

I've never been to Busch Stadium and will walk all over a lot to see what I can anyway. And if we do get good tickets on Friday, we will skip Saturday's and go to the Sunday day game too. We might even try for the bleachers on Sunday, if it is not too hot. I've heard from my son that it is a great baseball town.

Old May 11th, 2001, 07:54 PM
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Hi Jeanette,

It's sounds like you're rather flexible in regards to the tickets. Also you are staying in a great location.

There is a walkway from one of the parking garages over 7th Street - just across from the MetroLink stop. At the top of the stairs, near the garage, people with extra tickets stand there, usually holding them in the air - usually just wanting face value or even less. I haven't been to one game where this was not happening. (There are scalpers there too - the closer to game time, their prices come down.) The people with the legitimate extra tickets are your best bet. You may luck into very good seats.

The extra ticket people also stand near the Stan Musial statue on near Broadway - not too far from the Bleachers entrance. These people are usually just glad to get back the money paid for friends who had to cancel at the last minute or for whatever reason. The concierge at your hotel may also be of help.

Have fun!

Abe Hill
Old May 12th, 2001, 05:39 AM
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Dear Abe, Yesterday I received by mail EXCELLENT Friday night game tickets. I finally got through on direct phone line and talked to someone at Busch and ordered them that way. For some reason these tickets were not available on the webpage. The service charge was only $2 and I was very, very happy with the price and prompt result.

BUT, I am going to use your excellent suggestions for the Sunday noon time game. We are not going to the Saturday game and are doing several other interesting St. Louis activities. Thank you for the precise directions. They will be used and are greatly appreciated.

St. Louis seems so friendly and unpretentious in its people, that I am sure I will love it.
Old May 17th, 2002, 12:29 PM
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Old May 17th, 2002, 10:14 PM
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i got 15th row on the field behind home plate for a seattle hosting stl game in june using ticketmaster---i realize the surcharge was high, but the odds of me showing up to get this kind of seat was worth it----the key was i was only buying one ticket for myself----i live in stl and for a white sox game, i'd recommend your party split up----if you are a party of four---you'll get good seats outside the stadium on the day of the game if you get two pairs of tickets in two different seating areas versus four all in one. the more tickets you want to together, the worse the up one hour before game time and you'll find good seats either in front of the musial statue or by the metrolink stop on the other side of the stadium---i've had people GIVE ME free tickets just because they had extras from non-showing guests when they picked up theirs by the will call window---also near the metrolink stop.
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You can find any Cardinals tickets you desire by shopping online. It is the convenient way to get the seat of your choice on the day of the game. I suggest try a reliable site to buy such tickets.
I personally experience that www.mp4tickets is a very suitable site and you can easily get the tickets on the day of the game.
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Old Jul 30th, 2012, 04:49 AM
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I realize this is an old thread, but I'll mention it here anyway. If you're going to a Cardinals summer day game, try to buy a seat that sees some shade, if you can. Temps for day games can reach over 100 degrees with fully saturated humidity, and with the sun beating down, it can make the purchase of a bleacher seat or other non-shaded seat seem like a really bad idea. I did buy a bleacher seat the time I went, and I lasted about three innings in my seat, spending the rest of the time standing and watching from a shaded vantage point.
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