Need advice on wicked tickets - where to sit?

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Need advice on wicked tickets - where to sit?

Hi all,

I'm hoping you all can help. I'm going to New York in June of next year and I want to see Wicked. I'm looking at going ahead and buying tickets now, so I can get good seats. This is my 1st time to New York and my first Broadway show, so I want to get the best seats possible.

Right now for the night I want to go, I can get the following tickets:
Orchestra Row DD Seats 2-4. This looks to be the 4th row on the right side, the first two seat by the aisle. - Maybe an expert can confirm this?

Front Mezzanine - Row A Seats 115-116. Appears to be front row in mezzanine in the center section.

Orchestra - Row M, Seats 101 & 102 - This is the center section of the orchestra, the two seats closest to the left hand aisle (at least from what I can tell).

All are the same price. I thought the front mezzanine would be a good view to see the whole stage, but I have read there is a bar that is kind of high and can obstruct your view. As I'm only 5 foot I was concerned about this.

My concern with the DD orchestra seats is that they may be too close and I miss some of it.

What do all the experts think & thanks in advance for the help.
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Can't comment on the mezzanine - perhaps another petite person can help with that. We usually go for the center of the Orchestra - but at least 12 or so rows back so you're far enough to see the entire stage easily. So I would go for the Row M seats.
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Can you see a map of the theatre to judge better?
We saw Wicked in L.A. from the very BACK row, Z! They were half-price tickets through Goldstar. The plus was that we could see everything, and the sound was so good there that distance didn't matter. The negative was that we couldn't see faces. I'd be tempted by the M row as they're aisle seats in the center section.

Does this theatre's website offer a view of what the stage looks like from different seats?

Since your petite, can you bring along a cushion to sit on? We do that for my mother who has shrunk a lot.

Enjoy the show! I loved it an would see it again, but from closer. All your choices sound good by the way, but more central is generally better to me.
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Agreeing with the two posters that Orchestra M seats would be your best bet.

I would be cautious about getting the mezzanine seats because of your petite stature. Back home, we've had seasons tickets for my family of four - center seats, first row, Grand Tier. When we first started (about 6 years ago), the bar was definitely an obstruction for my kids (then 11 and 9). They frequently had to sit on folded up coats. Of course, now that they are older (and taller), they always say that we have the best seats because we can see everything.

The DD seats are too close to the stage. I would definitely prefer the M over the DD seats.

To view Gershwin Theatre's seating layout, click on this link:

I'll have to add that when we go to other cities, I always opt for center orchestra J or whatever's closest to it, just because I want to make sure we have a good view. One time we watched a Cirque show, front row (last minute decision) and our necks weren't happy midway thru the show. I had to slouch and rest my neck on the back of seat, and went home with both neck AND back pain.

Enjoy Wicked!!!
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DD 2-4 way too close and way to far to the right.

I usually like front row mezz. for certain performances because I like the perspective of being a bit above and looking down.

That said, with Orch M 101-102 at the same price, I would go for those too.

We saw it in San Francisco this year and loved it. We were in orch but up close and all the way to right and we missed some of the action, but then we got the tickets for $25 [instead of $100] at the morning lottery.

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I suppose I'm in the minority, but I would go for the seats in DD. My favorite place to sit is actually the sides on the aisle because there is never a head obstructing your view, and you have more leg room. Plus, I really like to be able to see people's faces, and I feel more connected to the show when I'm close.
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According to my "Seats, New York" book, Row DD is the 3rd row from the stage, 2 seats on the aisle of the side section. This is WAY, WAY too close for this production. Wicked is a huge set, with lots happening on flying, side set pieces. This would all be going on way above your head.

Row M, 101&102 would be o.k. They are about half way back in the center orchestra section. Good seats.

Row A, seats 115 & 116 are indeed in the Mezz, but they are not FRONT ROW. Front row seats are Rows AA - EE, then comes Row A. So be aware that you are back 5 rows if you take these seats.

I saw this show from the actual front row of the Mezz and really liked that. It put us at eye level with many of the raised and side activities and allowed us to have a really broad view of the stage and dance pieces. Having said that, I did use my opera glasses a lot to see the fine details of the costumes -- they are amazing. You would be a good deal futher back.

I'd take the Center Orchestra for this one.
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I'm with beth on this one. I'd like the closer seats. I've seen the show many times and I'd rather be closer than further away. There's not a lot going on at the sides of the show so I can't think of anything you'd miss being on the far right.
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Thanks for all the quick input. I decided to go with the seats in the orchestra row M. We also want to maybe see another show while there, but want to do more of a spur of the moment, same day, cheap tickets outlet... Can someone give me some advice on where to go and what other show we should try to see? Thanks
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It is way, way too early for any meaningful suggestions of cheap ticket shows for next June. Who knows what'll be playing on discount then?
Sometime in early spring (March or April), check out and for available discount offers.
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Sign up for the playbill club email. Closer to your visit, they will send out deals for discounted shows. I saw Mary Poppins from maybe the 10th row orchestra for around $60.

In the Heights is a great show, too and they sometimes offer discount tickets.
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Row M is the way to go. We just saw Wicked last week, and we were on Row J, in the middle. Great views of everything. On the upside, too, the Gershwin is not a HUGE theatre, so even the farthest seats aren't that far away from the action.

As for the sale tickets, I second the suggestion of You could also leave it to chance and show up at the half-priced booth the day of to see what's available. There are routinely shows for deep discount prices there. (While we were there, Jude Law's Hamlet was in previews, selling for 30% off or so.) If all else fails, go to the theatre that's offering the show you want to see once you get to NYC and ask them what they've got. (Most theatres also sell their own rush tickets.)
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We saw it from the frist or second row mezz. That's what I always go for.
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