How long is a baseball game?

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Wildblueyonde and Andyp, I envy you both!

Andyp, I would also go to a night game; it will be warm but not too hot, and you won't have to worry about getting sunburned.

Without knowing your ticket budget, ideally I would want to be in the infield seating; that is, somewhere between first and third base. From what I recall, though, there aren't really bad seats at Dodger Stadium - just ones that are kind of far away from the field.

Lee Ann
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For those that think baseball is boring, you must learn to appreciate all the other things that make up the professional game. It is having a beer, a hotdog and some peanuts. People watching, enjoying yourself and the company of others. In Philadelphia you can watch the visiting players in the bullpen warmup. You stand above them looking down on them, quite interesting to see a fastball being thrown 100 mph when you are close to the action and hear the ball POP in the catchers mitt. We can walk all around our stadium in Philly and they also have many, many other food and beverage stands to partake in. Philly cheestakes, funnnel cakes, roast beef sandwiches, fries, hot sausages. Throw in 8 or 10 beers and you have one heck of a day!
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I just wanted to throw out a tip for the first timers -- plan on spending $$ on food. I enjoy baseball a little but my interest starts to wane after a while. We have found that I can pretty much eat my way through a ball game and stay entertained while my husband actually enjoys the game! Some of the food can be decent, some of it is pretty bad -- but it's all expensive! Have fun!
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This is how I view baseball.

It is a great place to go and sit outside and drink beer when the weather is nice and enjoy the company of your friends.

When something exciting happens, even if you miss it, they'll replay it many times on the jumbotron.
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One other thing about length of game - final innings take more time per inning than first or middle innings. That is because of pitcher changes and other substitutions.

As far as experience, many ballparks stop selling beer somewhere around 7th inning to avoid drunks driving home. So if beer is a necessity for your enjoyment, plan accordingly.
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Andy, In looking at the schedule you might think a game is played over several days, similar to a cricket match.

Actualy, the teams play a series of separate games. Normally it's a three game series, but sometimes two or four games. This is done to accomodate easier travel during a 162 game schedule.

As mentioned, pick the game that matches your schedule best.
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When people say food is expensive at the ballpark, take them seriously!! I think a beer at AT&T last year was $7.00. A large soda is $5.00. A horrible little hot dog is $4.00. A delicious huge hot dog is $7.50. Etc. etc. It's still all fun, especially on a nice day. Bring sunscreen and a visor (since you don't know whether the sun will be at your back or front). If you forget sunscreen, borrow some -- I've both borrowed and shared on many an occasion, and everyone is really nice about it. They know they might forget their's next time!
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AA Frequent Flyer -

Yes. Sorry - the Yankees have it. In a little over 100 years of baseball history they have won the World championship 26 times, and the American League Pennant almost 40. No other professional sports team has ever come close to this sort of domination.
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World Championship? according to what/whom?

They play against US/Canada based teams. Where does the World come into play?

They won 26 MLB pennants, that's it....

Try to play for 3 trophies during a regular season, 38 games in your league, another 10+ in the UEFA Champions League against Europe's finest clubs and then a national FA Cup where many clubs from all the leagues, Premier, 1st, 2nd and 3rd are trying to knock you out so they could have some glory....

ManU won all three trophies in 1999. Actually 4 if you consider Intercontinental Cup, but the club has since withdrawn from that competition.

They collected 50 trophies over the years - league, international , national....

Yankess are not even close...{EE4D6083-FCB8-4FAB-A765-75E2B0F4B4E0}
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"I wouldn't wear a Seattle Mariners shirt, nor cheer for the Mariners."

As a Padre fan and one who has gone to way too many Padre games throughout the years, wear a Mariners' shirt if you want and cheer for the Mariners. It's baseball, not politics.

Petco Park is one of the most laid back places to watch games (beautiful park)in the major leagues.

Hopefully you'll get to see Jake Peavy pitch for my beloved (and frustrating) Padres. Of course, if you get Greg Maddux (quick worker, throws strikes), the game will probably be shorter, and you will have some extra time to enjoy the nearby Gaslamp Quarter after the game.

Go Pads!

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Sorry, here is a better link (hopefully)
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You're still my friend, even if you like baseball

I've been a a few games, but never again. Just way too many other more interesting and exciting ways to spend free time.
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Dayle - I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I'm looking forward to our lunch and talking about Italy!
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Dayle....LOL..When I first saw this question there were no reponses and I was going to just say "how long is a baseball game? Too long!!!!" But, I held back...I didn't really think it was fair and I didn't want to give a flippant answer to a sincere question, but you are NOT alone.
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Thank God I get it. I mean it. I'm not being sarcastic. Some of the best times of my life have been within the ball parks, all kinds, and within diverse and different comraderies.

And it is no fluke that the biggest category of books in the Library of Congress under one classification is BASEBALL.

It's rather like math or music, there is an entire language, pattern, cadence, culture and minutia significance and history, that those who are not attuned to, miss.
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Most wins for a sports team -
Glasgow Rangers F.C.
The pride of Scotland.
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I'd prefer the Hearts myself!

Maitaitom has given you perfect advice for a Padres game in San Diego. No usher will wipe down your seat for you and nobody tips here. I've never seen anyone tip at football games either.

If it's a sunny day, be sure to put on sunscreen and wear a hat.

In baseball, the closer you sit to the field and home plate the better. Baseball is the most statistic-filled game anywhere.

Food and drinks at Petco are expensive.

You should have plenty of time to drive here from PS and check into your hotel before going to the game. From close to your hotel you could take the ferry over to San Diego and walk or take the trolley to Petco.
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