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  • Last trip
    London and Scotland
  • Next trip
  • Favorite destinations
    Spain, Plitvice National Park, Paris, Prague, Tuscany, Mosel Valley, Honfleur, Sonoma Wine Country, New York City, Slovenia and The Buza Bar
  • Destination wishlist
    Telepherique of Terror in Chamonix
  • Best travel tip
    Always remember to put the correct petrol in your rental car.
    No day can be considered bad as long it includes red wine.
  • Favorite hotel
    Palazzo del Capitano; San Quirico d'Orcia
  • Favorite restaurant
    Ristoro di Lamole
  • Never travels without
    A sense of humor, patience and an abundance of underwear.
  • All-time best travel moment
    Mezquita in Cordoba
    Alhambra in Granada
    Alcazar in Sevilla
    Relaxing at the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik.
    Singing Dean Martin songs at Il Latini with a bunch of Italians in Firenze.
    Marveling at Plitvice.
    Every trip to Paris.
    My first dark Urquell draft at the Bellavista in Prague.
    Bucket Of Bolts in Gubbio.
    Hearing Taps played at the American
    Enchanting Edinburgh
    Cemetery in Normandy.
    Hall Of Fame Induction ceremony of Tony Gwynn at Cooperstown.
  • Interests and hobbies
    Sports, Travel, Mixology (not necessarily in that order)
  • Quote
    Enjoy The Journey! Attitude Is Everything!
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